Business Made In Imo 2 Million Naira Grant – How to Apply

How To Apply For Business Made In Imo 2 Million Naira Grant — According to estimates based on the number of SMEs in Imo State, the unorganized business sector—the local small businesses—contributes more than 50% of the state’s GDP.

Even though it is estimated that this industry also employs more than 50% of the state’s workers, they are at a disadvantage when it comes to the distribution of wealth and knowledge.

Many of them are struggling because the business leaders in those industries have not changed, have not been taught how to refine their business skills, have not sought out new information, have not built strong teams and partnerships, and have not approached problems with an updated mindset, and have not been given the funding and visibility they require to scale.


Pamtech Group has made a move that will benefit all people. They are launching “Business Made in Imo,” an opportunity that provides SMEs in Imo State with access to a top-notch network, expert knowledge, leadership skills, and the chance to win a grant of 2 million Naira. So if you are looking at starting a 2 million Naira business in Nigeria, here is your chance to kickstart it with a grant.

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About Pamtech Group

The culture of Pamtech Group is based on biblical principles and guidelines for conducting business in line with God’s will. They make an effort to be a beacon of light, bringing happiness and value to everyone they come into contact with.

Their goal is to be an outstanding key player in the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry by utilizing cutting-edge technology and human capital to drive their vision and by producing exceptional value with integrity and excellence for all of their stakeholders. They are passionately committed to delivering creative and innovative solutions with integrity through a skilled and motivated workforce.

How The Foundation Works

Pamtech Foundation primarily conducts business through Pamtech Oil and Gas Ltd., its parent company. Additionally, it seeks partnerships with other grantmakers and international organizations working in its target areas.

They use partnerships to strengthen institutional capacity in organizations, foster innovation, and guarantee that the funding provided matches the needs of the intended beneficiaries and is culturally acceptable.

Networking And Partnerships

Pamtech Group collaborates with people and groups who are already active in the fields they operate in. As a result, they are establishing collaborative partnerships with important organizations like:

  • Civil Society

The Foundation wants to collaborate with Nigerian non-governmental organizations, community organizations, faith-based organizations, and women/youth organizations. their partnership-based strategy seeks to encourage innovation and guarantee that the funding supplied satisfies the needs of the intended beneficiaries.

  • Governments

The Foundation is aware that the government has the main responsibility for its interventions. The Foundation will not conduct its business in a way that gives the idea that these actions will relieve the government from responsibility. As a result, the Foundation will promote collaboration with all tiers of government, including state and national assemblies, government ministries, departments, and agencies.

  • Private sector: 

The Foundation will look to partner with organizations in the corporate sector that employ business solutions for solving social issues. For instance, partnerships will be established with businesses across the nation that have corporate social responsibility initiatives. The Foundation will also participate in the local, national, and international philanthropic sectors by joining organizations and networks dedicated to developing philanthropy, supporting initiatives to promote charitable donations, and inspiring Nigerians to be more philanthropic.

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Their Mission

  • To improve the quality of life of underprivileged widows, children and youths by providing access to education, healthcare and economic empowerment opportunities.
  • Providing educational opportunities through scholarships and grants
  • Facilitating economic empowerment through micro-entrepreneurship and skills acquisition

How To Apply For Business Made In Imo 2 Million Naira Grant

  • Kindly Apply Here.
  • Fill in the form with the accurate information and submit it.
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