How to Check your Internet Speed via Ping Test

Ping simply is the primary TCP/IP  (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) command used to troubleshoot connectivity, reachability, and name resolution, hence we can also say, it displays help.
Pings do have its own Syntax and this syntax contain Parameters, each with its meaning and function, that’s the brief programming definition of it but that’s not what I will be pointing out in this post, let’s get down to the useful part of it.
P.C users who browse the internet sometimes experience changes in the speed at which pages/data are loading, with this little Tip for Windows P.C, you can ping your network connectivity, hence check its status to see how well or fast your network is receiving data from the internet.

How To Run a Ping  Test On Windows

  1. First, Click the Windows Start icon at your bottom-left, it brings out your Menu, scroll to where you find the RUN, right below the Search icon of the Menu, found it right?

Now, click the Run icon, it then pops out a comand telling you: 

Type the name of a program, folder, document, or internet resource, and Windows will open it for you

Just as I had in my P.C when I wanted to run my own ping test in the screen shot below:

    2. Type in:     ping -t
              OR     ping -t (you may try it with a different working web address you know, but these are the major ones I use to run my own ping test)

    3. Click OK
    Immediately you do this, a pop up comes up displaying the Syntax
    Reply from bytes=32 time=189 TTL=45
     if this continously showing up without a Request timed Out syntax, then it implies your network is stable, and you are recieving efficient data from the internet, as we have in the screenshot below:

    Note: The IP that displays vary depending the web address used to ping it.
               And you can also Ping connection Statistics while displaying the ping test by pressing the CTRL+BREAK button on your keyboard.

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    1. informative!!. i followed your tips and now my download speed increased. i checked my speed through speed tests like

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