How to Edit and Correct Your Facebook Photos 2018

Few years back, even when facebook have become the biggest social network in the world,  though we could all Edit our Facebook photos and rename them, still our Dear Facebook website lacked the online tool that would help us correct our photos we had already uploaded . People would upload photos but realize it was not uploaded in the upright position, this could piss them off, next make them Delete this photo.
All these have recently changed. Facebook is now having the tool, you can correct your photos online, so you don’t need to edit them before uploading, be it portrait or landscape, all you gotta do is Rotate the photo till you get the desired position you want . And believe me, it’s a dead easy stuff  you’ll do in seconds.

1. Login to your facebook account
2. Open the uploaded facebook Photo

3. Click Edit, you should find it at right hand of the page as we have in the Screenshot below, see it?

editing your facebook photos

4. Click Options, found right underneath facebook photo you are editing.
The Edit Tool menu will come up with Add location, change Date, and of cause the Rotate Right or Rotate Left which you should click to correct the photo.

5. In case you’ve also been looking for how you could change your profile picture, you can also choose the Make this profile my picture from there.

editing your facebook photos

6. Once you have rotated the photo to your desired position, click on Finished editing to save it.

editing your facebook photos

Hope you find this post very simple and explanatory especially if you are still a new Facebook user, why not say Thanks by sharing it with friends using our Social sharing buttons below? 🙂

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