How to Download Files from RAPIDSHARE, MEGAUPLOAD, 4shared etc using Opera Mini

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I noticed most people find it difficult when trying to download from sites like Rapishare, hotfile, megaupload etc with their mobile phone using Opera mini browser.
This is because these sites use some sort of JavaScript that animates the pages and/or times visitors downloading from them and our Opera mini browsers do not support such scripts, hence such sites, or any other sites visited using opera mini are Static.
But, this will change after you read this post 😉  Here is an extremely easy way to download through such sites in an opera without javascript.
Note that this tweak applies to Opera mini versions 4.x, 5.1, 5.2, 6., 6.5 etc that has download managers without scripts  from sites I mentioned above.

In this tutorial i will use opera 4.2 as example and screenshot also for the benefit of newbies.
1. Launch your Opera
2. In the Address Bar, Type: Javascript:alert(c=0)



3.  Press Go to



4. Bookmark the page that popped up
5. Go to Hotfile, 4Shared, or any File Hosting site that use Javascript time-limit for download
Assuming you used Hotfile and had gotten to file you wanna download

Click on the Regular Download.


7. After the Time Limit
Shows 58 sec,25 sec,13 sec etc.. Just count the time in your mind.

8. Wait for 1 Minute or the given time limit dispalyed.



9. Open the Javascript Bookmark we created earlier



10.Javascript Alert will popup with OK.  just click it and proceed.


11. It will take you to a page with captcha, just enter the code shown in the image, scroll down and click download file.from there they will show you the real page of downloading with “click here to download


12. Just click  Save and proceed with your download



The download begins and That’s all. We are done.Just a reminder, this works specifically for Opera mini version 4.x, once you succeed getting to step 11, you can still Copy the download URL in the address bar and Paste for direct download to any faster browser or downloader you have.
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  1. the script still works @medium, create a new bookmark, put the script and save it. Then go on with the other steps till you get to your download page. Go to where you bookmarked it and Use the script.

  2. I don't really get what you're asking but if you're trying to upload files there, you won't be needing the javaScript, all you have to do is Sign up at the sites first.

  3. It's really working….. Thanks a lot to the author… I have tested it in many file hosting site even it work in & url shorter link..

  4. I tried it with opera mini 7.1, does not work, trying to download from rapidgator, counts down on regular download but does not give download link, instead it goes back to main site. Any help to download with blackberry 9790?

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