How to Fix PUBG Login Errors via Facebook | Failure/Disabled issues for Android & iPhones

Today I will be sharing with you, one of the easiest and best ways to fix PUBG Mobile error logging-in problems when you have already linked it with Facebook, PUBG login problems with Facebook sometimes happen for various reasons but it can be fixed, this should work on both Android and iOS iPhone devices in 2022 / 2023.

Login failures or getting disabled from logging in via your Social networks like Facebook or Twitter can be quite frustrating, like in my own case. A few hours later, I found a way to resolve the problem, but what exactly causes it? Access tokens.

PUBG facebook login authorization revoked – EXPLAINED

First, we need to understand that access tokens are used by Facebook Login for apps and games, ACCESS TOKENS ARE ENCRYPTED KEYS TO YOUR PUBG ACCOUNT.

What does it mean when it says PUBG Facebook login authorization is revoked?
This simply means the access token that is responsible for your PUBG mobile account after Facebook generates it when you log in, has failed, hence you will get authorization revoked, this happens when there is an error, or the access token expires due to time or when you log out of FB.
You won’t be able to log in to that app or game. The way to fix it is to generate a new one through Facebook which I explained in this guide.

PUBG Embedded Browser login failed issues with Facebook

Before the login problems started, initially Facebook allowed an embedded browser in PUBG Mobile which loads a Facebook login page for you to enter your email/username and password. After you supply the correct login details, technically your Facebook access token is created for PUBG mobile and you’re successfully allowed to your access PUBG account to play the game.

But now, Facebook changed a few things, Facebook had changed how 3rd party apps interact or use Facebook’s access token, hence affecting the PUBG mobile that was being used, today when you launch your PUBG Mobile and click “login via the Facebook” option, you will get a notification like the one in the screenshot below.

PUBG Login errors via Facebook

Login via an Embedded browser has failed/disabled by Facebook on 3rd Party Apps

This was quite annoying because I had no other means to log in, I have not linked any other Login methods (Twitter or Email) to my main PUBG account. I could not lose it because that would mean I will lose all my rankings and hard work over the years. So below is how I fixed the issue that allowed me to log in on my PUBG, you may also say this is a new method to log in to your PUBG Mobile via Facebook.

Quick fix for PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS Failed to Login via Facebook

This fix should work on all PUBG Mobile games for all iPhones and Android when your login authorization has been revoked

  1.  Make sure you are logged in to your Facebook App and browser (Chrome to be precise) on your phone – Android or iOS
  2. In your Chrome browser, go to Facebook 3rd party App and Websites Settings by Opening Here or following this link >>
  3. Scroll down, and you would see a list of websites, games, and apps you linked to your Facebook App, you will find PUBG mobile here

3. For the PUBG Mobile, click on Remove and confirm the removal

4. Go back and reopen your PUBG Mobile, and choose Facebook login again, your access token will be renewed this time.

You should now log in to your PUBG account for you to enjoy your game.

How to avoid PUBG Mobile Login failures and problems in the future?

The best way to avoid this is to create an alternative or other method to login into your PUBG Mobile account since most times when you want to play PUBG mobile, you often log in with your Social Media accounts (Facebook App and Twitter).

Creating an alternative or other way to access or log in to your PUBG mobile

While you’re logged in to your PUBG account on your mobile device.

  1. Go to settings and find the Login feature and add another account that you can use to log in, this could be your phone number, Email with your custom password, or Google account.
    Can’t find it? Then follow the procedures I will show you here.
  2. You can add your phone number or Email and a custom password
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