How To Hide/View Hidden Files and Folders on Symbian OS

         For one reason or the other, we don’t want any other person to see all the Files (images, Videos, readable texts files, Docs, Softwares etc) in our mobile phones. For this same reasons, you might want to view files which was Hidden by Default (the phone’s manufacturer) or a third party (some body that had handled the phone earlier).

Surely, there are many ways of doing this, though, I haven’t done researches to find out a better way of Hiding  files on your Symbian OS phone, this one seems to be the easiest for anybody to use, and has proven to be best if you won’t be using an App Locker which is an entirely different way of also keeping your stuffs Personal, the little “prob” about it is that it requires your password every now and then before you can open and use the Locked/hidden Applications.

Here, I would give us a Cool tip on how you can hide Your Files on your Symbian OS mobile phone, without stress, and even at the absence of an App Locker,

You only need the X-plore Appication to do this, Download Here >> x-plore_s60_3rd_1_53.sisx

Follow the simple Procedures with  Screen shots below:
1. Launch the X-plore app
2. Locate the file you wish to hide
3. Press Menu > Press File
4. Scroll down to Attributes
5. After Opening the Attributes, You get options showing you Mark the file as Hidden, Read-only, or   System

How To Hide/View Hidden Files and Folders on Symbian OS

6. Simply  Mark- Hidden

How To Hide/View Hidden Files and Folders on Symbian OS

Select Change, the File will Automatically be Hidden

  In the other way round, you can view the File once again including every other hidden files and Folders in your phone by following these procedures, below
i.  Launch the X-plore, Press Menu
ii. Scroll down to Tools >> Configuration

How To Hide/View Hidden Files and Folders on Symbian OS

iii. You’ll find Option asking you to Show Hidden Files, as in the screen shot below.

How To Hide/View Hidden Files and Folders on Symbian OS

Simply MARK it, then Press BACK. All hidden files in your C: and E: drive will be shown in a BLURRED view.
Unless you use same procedures in 1- 4, then Unmark the file as Hidden and click Change. Now, the file or Folder will be fully visible.

X-plore Application is a very vast tool for carrying out various operations in Symbian OS mobile phones. Take note that we ought to be careful when exploring our files with the App. It’s capable of dismantling the phone.
Hope we find this simple Tip helpful, because it would help you keep your Files and folders very private and Personal.
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  1. Thanks… Actually, its been quite some time I use a symbian phone so have forgotten most of the shortcut techniques used in xplore app… Thanks once again.

  2. Sounds wonderful, but I cannot install on my N52 because of error: "Certificate is expired"?
    How can I get a file without this error?
    Thanks in advance.

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