How to Install New Fonts on your Phone using Flip font for Symbian OS

Ever had a feeling of being able to Install a new-stylish font on your Symbian mobile? Perhaps, you are bored with seeing the same default fonts on your phone everyday, well, this Flip Font Application will DO that for you, and its very easy, all you gotta do is Run the app, choose the Font you want, and install it. Just like we do on our PCs

Flip font is the perfect app to make this possible for you, The application allow users to personalize and enhance their phones, making them more appealing, cool and exceptional to use.

After installing the App, you can browse fonts currently installed on the app and select a typeface from the list to be used by the phone. In the mobile application, you’ll find few various fonts already inside, but the bad news is that they are all Trial fonts, you are allowed to use them for only 48 hours, then  it expires.
But the Goood news is I will be giving us a pack of cool free fonts which you can install and use for life.

  • First, DOWNLOAD the application >> Flip fontv3SymbianOS.sisx
  • After installation, you can pick  from the list of trial fonts in it

What is the extension of Symbian os font file?

In this case you will see that extension file of Symbian OS fonts are in .ttf and because we are using a 3rd party application which is Flip Font, this has it’s file which it uses to process the symbian OS fonts to be available and reflect through out your Symbian phones which you pick that particular font.

How to Install More Fonts to and use them Free


The Flip font app creates a folder in your phone’s C: drive, this is where all the fonts will be stored and used application by the application.

When the above are ready in your phone, then you can proceed with Steps on how you can add the free fonts below:
1. Open the X-plore, and use it to locate where you downloaded/saved the 65 fonts file in your E: drive (memory card)
2. Open/Unzip it, you see a list of Fonts. The first font file format ends with .in2 and second ends with .ttf
e.g : Alleycat.in2

TTF are basically the file extension or file format in which symbian fonts run on the device as seen in my screenshot below:


3. Mark the first font (e.g Alleycat.in2)  by Pressing Menu > Mark > Selected
Do the same for the second

Hint 1: You may also mark them by Holding your ( # ) and Select button

4. After marking both, Press Menu  >> File >> Extract to…


Now, go to your C: Drive >> data >> Flip font , then Press Select button to Extract the selected font files

Hint 2: Ensure you don’t press the Select button until you get to the Flip font folder so as not to Extract the fonts to the wrong folder.

To navigate and open folders in X-plore, use your navigation button but don’t press the middle key (select button) till you get to the right folder when extracting files, otherwise, like  i said before, it may send it to the wrong place.

5. If you have succesfully extracted the font files to the Fonts folder
You can now open the Flip Font application, click Get Started, Scroll  down, you’ll see the Name of the Font you just added via X-plore.


6. Select Use this font, close the Application


7. Switch phone off and On again to start using the font.


  1. cant i use fonts from my computer? What are the .inz files for? Where Can i get a smaller package of fonts

  2. New fonts on computer works mainly on some Programs and Apps, like MsWord, CorelDraw, Paint.NET etc, these new fonts can be downloaded and installed manually from your Control Panel.

  3. Good Post, I am a big believer in commenting on blogs to help the blog writers know that they've added something of great benefit to the world wide web! free fonts

  4. You're so cool! I don't think I have read through anything like that before. So wonderful to find somebody with original thoughts on this subject matter. Seriously..

  5. Sorry Mr. Abex it seems you have to hack your Nokia E63 first before installing the font or else it will freeze your phone. Read this post to see how to recover your phone from bricking or freezing, after then you should search Google for how you can hack ur E63 before installing flipfont

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