How To Manually Clean temp Files/Folders on Windows 7 & Vista

As time goes on, our PC can start acting funny, running slower than normal and can even get you frustrated.
I will use my notebook as an example, I run the PC with Windows 7 Operating System, after few weeks to my annoying amazement it started to take too much time to open applications that were already running in the background, I had to walk around the Windows environment and the web, trying to find out how I can make it perform faster and better, I discovered temp files were the surest thing I had to tackle to solve this.

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Temporary or temp files build up over time and eat into your precious disk space. When you install programmes, the installer uses temp files as part of the set up process. Some programmes also use temp files when in use. These temp files should be removed when the installer or programme is finished, but this does not always happen. And, of course, your browser will collect temp files as well. A build up of temp files could leave Windows struggling to find room for its swap file, so everything slows down.

Hence Cleaning Temp files is a necessary operation to carry out if you want to maintain your PC, and here’s how you can do it. It takes nothing more than 5 minutes.

How To Manually Clean and Delete temp Files

1. Click your Windows Start Button
2. In the Search “Programs and File” Box, Type – Run
It will open the command prompt, there again type- %temp%

Hit Enter, this command will launch all Folders designated as the Temporary folder where temp file are stored on your Windows Vista or Windows 7, another funny fact is that all these tons of files and folders are no longer being used by your computer, no need keeping them, so they can all be safely deleted.

3. To remove the files individually, press and hold your Ctrl key, then use your mouse to left-click (Select) the items you wish to delete, after selecting, release your Ctrl key and Press Delete on your keyboard,confirm deletion and Shazam! You are done!

4. Perhaps you’d like to remove all the Temp files and folders at once, press Ctrl + A

NOTE I: If you’re prompted that there are hidden files in this folder, just click on OK to bypass the message. A few hidden files hanging out in the Temp folder probably aren’t important enough to worry about.

Confirm Deletion when prompted, after they are all removed, you can go and empty your Recycle bin so that no one is still left on your computer.

NOTE II: You may be getting errors, refusing to delete some of the temp files and folders, if you experience this, it means some running program is still using it, simply close that program, and try again, if the errors persists, then Restart your Computer and try the steps again.

Though, I still suggest you restart your computer after you do the whole temp cleaning process and emptying your recycle bin, your PC should start performing better and faster once all the steps are all well Followed.

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