How to Rip Videos From Websites Using Movavi Screen Recorder

Easy steps to Rip Videos From Websites – Simply put ‘ripping’ videos from websites is really just a term to describe the action of copying a streaming video and saving it onto a hard drive. In short if you were to ‘rip’ a video from a website, all you’d really be doing is saving it.

Of course as you know most websites don’t tend to provide download links for you to conveniently save their videos, which is why using Movavi Screen Recorder is a great alternative. With it you can rip videos from websites by recording them while they’re playing on your screen.

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If you’ve already earmarked a particular website video that you’d like to save, go ahead and open it up – but don’t play it just yet, or pause it if it starts to autoplay. Then launch Movavi Screen Recorder and draw a frame that encompasses the website video using your mouse cursor.

Movavi Screen Recorder


1. To record a video while it is playing in full screen (i.e. at a higher resolution), click anywhere and then select your monitor’s name in the list under ‘Capture Area’ on the interface. Otherwise once the interface appears just refine the frame and resize and position it so that it accurately frames the video that you want to record with Movavi Screen Recorder.

2. It is important that you make sure Movavi Screen Recorder is set to record the system audio, by checking that its icon is highlighted. Click on it once to enable the option, and similarly make sure the ‘Microphone’ icon is not highlighted or the audio from it may interfere.

3. Once you’re ready to start recording, click ‘REC’ then play the website video within the next 3 seconds. The interface of Movavi Screen Recorder will have buttons that you can use to pause, cancel, or stop recording at any time. Alternatively before you begin recording you could click the ‘alarm clock’ icon and set it to automatically stop after a fixed amount of time.

4. Regardless of whether the video stops automatically or you click on the ‘Stop’ button, Movavi Screen Recorder will then display a preview window where you can go over the website video and make sure it was all recorded. Before you save it you could trim out any unwanted parts as well.

As you can see the entire process of ripping a video from a website using Movavi Screen Recorder is simple, straightforward, and won’t take much time at all. Once you’ve tried it out for the first time, you’ll be able to set it up and start recording much quicker the next time round – and may even be able to get it going in under a minute or so.

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