How To Root Android 6.0 (Android M – Marshmallow) on Any Android Device Easily | ChainFire’s method

A Root method for Android 6.0 (Android M) has been released by Chainfire, and it was done without even Modifying the System and this worked on the new Nexus flagships like Nexus 6P.

If you are hearing of CHAINFIRE for the First time, he is an XDA Senior Moderator and Senior Recognized Developer, most of us who have rooted several Android devices must have heard of the word Chainfire before, further more, he’s the developer behind popular works like SuperSU, CF Auto Root, TriangleAway and CF.lumen, this actually makes him one of the most influential developer in the Android modding community.

He had recently released a Method to root Android M without really Modifying the System, although it’s a working experiment. He explains the logic below about rooting Android M:

To have root on modern Android versions, we need our files to be executable and our daemon to be started on boot. We normally do this by making modifications to /system, tapping into binaries and scripts executed by init. If we’re also modifying the boot image, then we should be able to do all this without modifying system at all.

Instructions for rooting Android 6.0 (Android M- Marshmallow) according to Chainfire

You must absolutely re-flash your stock /system partition, or the separate root instances will interfere with each other. The installer for this experiment will not clean up old root files.
– Flash stock /system
– Flash the attached boot image
– Flash the attached SuperSU ZIP in TWRP

Ramdisk modifications
– include (post above this one)
– init.rc (devs: please open file for reference)
— on init
—— mkdir /su …
— on post-fs-data
—— copy image from cache to data (for rooting without access to /data in custom recovery)
—— mount image to /su
— service daemonsu
– init.environ.rc
— export PATH, prepended with /su/bin
– file_contexts
— /su(/.*)? ubject_r:system_file:s0

– Not all SuperSU options are supported yet in this mode
– I have not tested with encrypted devices
– /system should never be remounted r/w, I hope I didn’t miss anything here
– Root with modifying /system is also still operational. I can’t predict what the exploiters will need.
– I’m not sure where we’re going with this. Future roots may require a clean system

Stuff to Download

However, this is Experiment carried out from Chainfire, yo might experience bugs which will be fixed in later updates. For now, what you do with those files up there is You simply flash the files, and Install the SuperSU to grant Apps root permission. This root method seem to have been done in a better and easier way that’s been improve so you don’t face any Soft brick during installing any future OTA updates or flash boot images.

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