How to Set Up a Custom Domain for your Blog with Domain Registrars like

So you have successfully created your blog, the layout is okay, you have put some contents in it, and one way or the other you are getting traffic so all that’s left for you now, is to make blog address a Custom Domain, hence change it to to, but somehow you don’t how to go about it.

Earlier this year, around March, when I won my Custom Domain,  though the bills had been payed for, after  registering, I still had to set up the Custom domain for the blog website so it could be up and running as soon as possible, I had to go through few simple steps.

syskay systems

I chose to use Syskay systems because

  • Easy to pay (especially if you reside in my country, Nigeria)
  • they are reliable with High performance, which is the chief essence of using a good web host. I hardly ever get error issues with them.

For a list of other web hosts and registrars you may want to try out, then i suggest you read this blog post

    So, if you’ve made up your mind to use Syskay, then you can use the steps below to make yourself a custom domain with it.

    DISCLOSURE UPDATE About using SYSKAY: After few years of using Syskay domain registrar, I was totally disappointed at how they handled my request when this website had Domain DNS problems (from 26th July – 8th Aug). This site went down and Syskay was unable to help out as they boldly told us we are on our own when it comes to DNS issues, this is poor in 2016 to realise they don’t even have such a very IMPORTANT FEATURE known as DNS Service for domains. 
    I suggest you use GoDaddy or 1and1 when buy custom domain. Unlike Syskay, they have more features and will help out if you have problems. 
    You’re at your own discretion if you go ahead to choose Syskay as your domain registrar after reading this.

    Here’s a Step by Step guide on

    How to Set Up (Register) a Custom Domain for your Blog with

    1. First, you will need to have a domain name to use, this is going to be your identity, for example,  you might wanna check out a quick guide about how to choose the right domain name for your blog or website here.
    2. Go to

    3. Scroll down to the footer (bottom) of the webpage where you find DOMAIN REGISTRATION (No Hosting) or simply click HERE

    This takes us to the page where you will put the domain name you have chose in Step 1.
    Input the domain name and search, if the results say the Domain is Available then you can go on and buy it. by clicking ORDER NOW

    4. the next page is  the Shopping Cart, with Domains Configuration & NameServers.

    Kindly don’t touch or change those nameservers, leave them as they are, and click Continue

    5. Next page has a lots of options but no need to get confused or worry about filling them. Simply hover your mouse to Proceed to Complete Order.

    syskay systems

     5. Now you are taken to the registration page, on Completing your sign up, your Batch number and other corresponding details will be sent to your E-mail.

    6. Use this Batch Number and the custom domain name you gave them to make Payments. After this, wait for sometime for your Custom Domain to be activated.

    How To Know When your Custom Domain is ready

    7. Simply visit the Address of your custom domain. It may tell you Server not Found but keep trying till you get a Google 404 Page Error.
    Once you see that, it means your domain is ready. Now you can proceed to the last part.

    8. Login to your Blogger Dashboard

    9. Click Settings >> Publishing >> Switch To Custom Domain


    10. Go to the the Advanced settings page, put the domain name there, tick the Redirection box and Save

        Congratulations, your blog is ready!

    1. So you've proved the worth and capabilities of the SYSKAY SYSTEMS.How many years you've been using SYSKAY SYSTEMS?Is it really reliable?You are doing an informative post.Thank you for sharing.Next time,kindly post again some information related to this one.I am interested on this.I am expecting.Thanks a lot.God bless!


    2. Yes @Blo wee, Syskay is Reliable in terms of Custom domains as they have fast and accurate load time for their domains, however, you will need to be careful with using their Hosting accounts when on WordPress for example, as it may not turn out well if you are getting lots of traffic while on the Hosting plans.
      Nevertheless, Syskay is awesome for Blogger blogs.

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