How to Spot Differences between Online Storage Providers

When selecting an online storage provider the final decision is based solely on the differences rather than the similarities.  There are a number of easy-tospot differences, however they are rarely the most important factors to consider.  In the long run, the difficult to spot differences are often what lead to exceptional and consistent customer satisfaction.


Easy to Spot Differences

The easy to spot differences can almost entirely be found on the online storage provider’s website.  This includes variables such as price, storage space, sharing options and syncing abilities.  Not only are these differences easy to find, but they are also easy to compare.  This is because a majority of them are based on specific numbers which makes comparing them side-by-side easy.  Depending upon how customers plan on using their online storage there are a variety of additional features which may enter into the decision-making process as well.  In most cases, comparing these features requires little more than a checklist approach.
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Difficult to Spot Differences

While the easy to spot differences may make comparing multiple online storage providers easy, they are not the only things which should be considered.  The difficult to spot differences not only play a significant role in long-term customer satisfaction, but provide valuable insight into how the online storage provider operates.  Unfortunately, evaluating these differences often requires some additional research outside of what is listed on the online storage provider’s website.


The first issue to research is security.  There are several characteristics which must all be combined in order to determine how secure and online storage provider really is.  This includes identifying the level of encryption used when transferring files to and from the online storage provider’s servers, physical security measures surrounding the servers, and potential software vulnerabilities.  The easiest way to assess how seriously in online storage provider takes their security is by doing some research into their history.  Whenever there is a security breach at an online storage provider it receives some news coverage.  Is important to note how often a security issue arises as well as what type of damage it caused.

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Data Restoration

Another issue to look at is data restoration.  Taking advantage of free trials is an excellent way to test the data restoration process.  Pay special attention to how easy the process is as well as how effective it is.  If a free trial is not available, online forums may provide valuable insight into this issue.


Most online storage providers do not share much information about the infrastructure behind their service.  This is unfortunate because the strength of their infrastructure will directly affect how secure and reliable their services.  High-quality online storage providers utilize only infrastructure which they own because it is the only way for them to guarantee everything is properly upgraded and maintained.

Ease of Use

The overall ease-of-use is another factor which is difficult to discern without trying out the service.  Quality online storage providers allow potential customers to experience everything they have to offer by providing a short free trial.  To save time, this should only be considered once only a handful of potential options remain.
Nothing is more frustrating than selecting an online storage provider only to find out they are not everything they claim to be.  In order to make the right decision the first time, it is important to identify and compare the difficult to spot differences because they are the key to long-term satisfaction.
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