How To Use/Display only ONE Name on your Facebook Profile

During the period this post was published, I discovered and started using ONLY ONE Name on my Facebook, I didn’t see much reason why I should put all of it for the whole world to see, as my name was a bit complex, by the way, I really enjoyed being referred to as a simple guy, with a simple name.
Immediately I began using just One name displaying on my Profile, many friends found it cool, and was like

 “Wow Bro! How did you do that?”
 ” I want only one of my Names displayed like yours”

Well, I really don’t do much explaining via Conversations on Facebook, so I compiled a Brief Post On How You all can Display Only one name on your Facebook Profile or how to change Facebook name to one word. … which ever way you want to do it in 2015/2016.

Hence, this post should be useful to you

  • If maybe you have complex name like me,
  • You don’t wanna tell the whole world your Full names.
  • You like to keep things simple with your Facebook profile.
one name facebook profile

Fact is, Facebook don’t Allow English Users option to choose and use One name, the tweak is we’re gonna get this done via Proxy.

1. Be sure to log out from your Facebook account (you’ll login later)
Now, Go to HideMyAss
On the website you’ll find IP:Port Proxies, click it or  => GO HERE

2. Now hover you mouse to Proxy Country >  Untick All countries
In the box below All Countries, scroll down and Tick Bangladesh, if you can’t find Bangladesh, use INDONESIA.

HideMyAss Facebook

You should see a List of Bangladesh Proxies, Pick a strong one.
Copy its Proxy and Port, now go to your Browser settings, Firefox Precisely

4. Menu >> Advanced, Network >> Settings >> Pick Manual Proxy Configuration
Paste the Bangladesh Proxy and Port you earlier Copied, and Save.

Next, go to WHATS MY IP ADDRESS to confirm your IP/Location has changed to the country Proxy you chose which is – Indonesia or Bangladesh.

5. Login to your Facebook Account,
General Settings >> Language >> Select Bangledesh or Use Indonesia
After changing the Language, this will now make it possible for you to use One name on your Profile.

6. Again, Open Account Settings >> General >> Type Only A Name In “First Name”
OR Edit existing Name, Clear Midde and Last Name , scroll down >> Input your Current Password and Hit Save.
That’s All

Possible Side Effects

New People searching for you using your Real full names might not easily find you, since you’re using one name but hey, I don’t have a problem with that, I already had old friends on my list, and new ones can still find me using my real name coz Facebook have a record of my full names which I was previously using before I switched to use ONLY One name

By the way, after taking the steps to use Only One name on your Facebook profile, did you Find it Nice? Do you have any friends already using this? What do you think about it, Let us know

  1. What do one benefit by using one name? If you want to create a good online presence, you should use your full names.

  2. Hi Mazino, this is about personal opinion to keep one's name simple. Displaying one name cannot in any way affect my Online presence or anybody's. If any person I connect with would like to know more, let them find out. There's nothing fake about this.

  3. I really don't like it that way. Changing IP addresses then logging in might trigger Facebook to block your account and ask you series of useless questions when trying to login again. can't afford to lose my account oo.

  4. If you truly own your account, such issues will be easy to bypass, they barely happen though, so many people have successfully used the method in this post without problems in their accounts.

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