How to Unlock a Chromebook with a simple PIN code

“Google now allows users to unlock Chrome OS with a PIN code and this will definitely come handy for touch devices”, Google developer François Beaufort wrote.
The initial usual way of authenticating and safeguarding your Chromebook was to pair it with your smartphone to unlock your Chromebook device, but now a new fresh feature is on the test by Google on Chrome OS, this will enable users to be able to unlock their Chromebook with a single PIN.

Google developer, François Beaufort says the “Quick unlock” settings will soon be introduced in the regular Chrome settings page.

Here is an Easy Guide to set up the new function to unlock your Chromebook using just a PIN on Chrome OS:

1. Enable the flag – chrome://flags/#quick-unlock-pin

2. Restart Chrome

3. Head over to the Chrome Material Design settings page to set up your unique PIN for the Lock Screen feature

4. Under the new “Screen Lock” section, set up your unique numeric Lock Screen PIN

5. Finally, lock your screen with [magnifying glass key] + L

6. Now try out your new “Quick unlock” feature and unlock the Chrome OS using your new PIN code.
“This is a good move in the right direction,” one user commented on the post. “However, I think that this PIN lock feature should be expanded to also include passwords. So the password is not linked to the Google account but a separate password just for the device.”

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