How You Can Make Money with Pinterest

There are tons of other ways for you to earn money online. The most known is by freelancing or working as a blogger; however, not everyone has heard about making money with pinterest. Well, first of all, Pinterest is best for affiliate marketers. The network will serve mostly female audiences who are very much in to shopping. They make money by posting or “pinning” items that would seem interesting to these women and those posts will be affiliated to another link. This is why there are a lot of items or pins on objects from

It is actually 10 out of 10 that the Amazon link will be an affiliated one. But before you could start earning money with Pinterest, there are some things that you have to do.

  • Cloak the links- if you are planning to Pinterest by posting affiliate links, you have to cloak it. There are services for this such as Skimlinks, this scans the network for affiliate links then automatically change those links to their affiliate ID. It is best to custom your link with a short URL. It is not advisable to known services like or Tiny URL. Skimlinks will most probably have them in their database already. But the best cloaking service is said to be LinkTrackr. Not only will LinkTrackr let you monitor the clicks and the conversions. You’ll be able to custom a short URL that will be outside the Skimlinkss database.
  • Host images on your server- you have to host all the images you pin on your server. Pinterest links all the images back to the source. If you’re getting them straight from the Amazon, the person who clicks on the link will immediately be directed to the website. And of course, since you won’t be able to link an image with your ID, it will be best to send the user directly to where the host image and the post links are.
  • Spamming- there are bots to monitor spamming, especially in the process of creating accounts and posting pins. Pinterest will get better at monitoring and detecting spam pins. Take your time in posting pins of stuff that you are interested in. link those pins with LinkTrackr and continue on building it up. And most probably, you’ll have gotten your own Pinterest page with tons of items with an affiliate link and you’ll make more money of it.
Don’t forget that this isn’t all about making money. You have to be responsible while doing this because if you don’t, you obviously won’t be making enough money. You have to be patient with this type of work, not everyone click on the links on website, so that may be the challenging part for you.

Be creative and work your way in improving to get more audience,because the more you build audience, the better you increase the money you earn from Pinterest.

  1. I never thought that we can also earn money through Pinterest. For me it is just an image board site where you can see some interesting images and videos online, but I think I must try your tips on Pinterest.

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  2. Very nice and informative article and this will surely help the online marketers and affiliates to make some extra money from this new bookmarking site pinterest. One suggestion I would like to give to your readers, that is , see Pinterest is more popular to female users and most probably at the age between 19 to 39. So it will be best to market those products which are already very popular with ladies.

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