Infinix Android Lollipop Beta 5.1 (Public Beta) Update is Finally Available!

Phew! Finally… For those that had been waiting. You can now Get the Android Lollipop Beta v2.0 Upgrade on your Infinix Smartphones.

This is a follow up post from this good News we published on 21st June about Android Lollipop coming to Infinix, your wait is over, they said they will make it available in August so the Infinix team had kept their word.

Some Infinix smartphones are already having this new Lollipop update.
And like we stated in that Post, Two versions of this update will be released. And perhaps more updates to fix bugs, consecutively.
The first One is this Beta version that is available now.
Then a final version of the Lollipop update will be rolled out later.

Why the Lollipop “Public Beta” on Infinix smartphones?

This Beta version is more like a Preview version which if you notice any Bug, you can easily Report the issue here for us to forward your message to them or report to their Forum so that it will be Fixed in.

Which Infinix Smartphones will get the Lollipop Beta 5.1 (Public Beta) Update?

We are sure of these models getting the Lollipop update :

3 of these above for now will get the update. Other models may have to wait.

I am quite relieved with Infinix Hot X507 getting the update, if you read this previous post, I stated the phone deserves the upgrade too, a powerful reason is that Infinix Hot is one of the Highest Selling Android smartphone in Nigeria this 2015.

Getting the Lollipop upgrade on your Infinix device:

There are 2 ways to do it, but the Via Splash tool is the only method for now. Rumors say OTA Update will be rolled out end of August or in September
Via OTA – To get the Lollipop 5.1 update on your Infinix, All you got to do is >> Go to your System Updates and Tap the Download Update Arrow.

Via SP FLASH TOOL – This is a manual method where you have to download the update to your PC and flash it to your smartphone.
Download the updated LOLLIPOP version Beta 2 For Infinix X507 >> Click here 
If the site asks for password use >> ab15

Although not every one knows how or enjoys this Manual method, but we’ll share the procedures someday soon.

Here’re few shots of the new Lollipop UI after Upgrade on Hot Note:

Which ever Infinix model you use, we advice you always check your SYSTEM UPDATES icon found in your Menu to see what update or (Over The Air) upgrade is there and perform them.

If your System is up to date, you should see the Android Lollipop on your own as well.

Lest I forget, in one of our posts someone complained He/She lost few Apps after performing an Update on Infinix Hot, hence from that experience We advice that you Backup your App data before performing updates. Data Back up can be found in your Settings.

We’ll be showing us a few ways to avoid and overcome brick issues and backing up our Android data in future posts.

Meanwhile, do Enjoy the Taste of your new Lollipop

  1. Hmm… HOT note is better than Boom.
    Edi, my hot note is rooted and I wanna upgrade what do I do?
    I don't want anything to happen to my baby, please help.
    I already unrooted it, do also need to change to the default font??

  2. Yes Samuel, Hot Note's Definitely Better than Boom J7, I agree.I had been updating my Hot X507 while rooted with No problems, although the last update Unrooted it automatically LOL, I'll root it again.You did the right the Unrooting your Hot note, this will prevent any bricking while you update it.As for the Font, it's not a Problem, it's already saved in the System files, so it's safe, just go ahead and do your update after then, you can root again if you want.

  3. Quoted: "Meanwhile you can download the updated LOLLIPOP version Beta 2 For Infinix X507 >> here If the site asks for password use >> ab15 – See more at:"
    I downloaded the file but it is in apk format. Shld I go ahead and install it straight to my fone?

  4. Aw, sorry about that, What phone got bricked? Was it your Hot Note? What exactly were you trying to do before it got bricked?

  5. You can search around the web for how to Flash custom roms into Infinix hot X507. We are yet to publish the Procedures but we'll Do that soon as we already said in the post.

  6. Yea…. The hot note..
    Got bricked while I was upgrading..
    The system update was successfully downloaded but while it was Installing the update it just stopped and showed "NO COMMAND"

  7. Sorry man, You'll need SP Flash tool to get it back to Life, search on Google about how to use SP Flash tool to Flash MTK devices like your Hot Note, I wouldn't want to keep you waiting but like I said in previous comment here, I'll surely share the tutorial with us someday.

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