Instagram Finally goes Beyond the Square! Now Allows You Post Portrait and Landscape Photos and videos

It was initially cool for us to be forced to only use Square cropping on Instagram. Like you must be creative and use square.

Square cropping? Not everybody bought that idea, imagine after taking that beautiful photo, I now have to think of what to crop out of the object before I post it on my Instagram, not so cool with me and you, I mean nobody likes Limitations. And because there are so many 3rd Party apps now, you’ll always find 2 out 10 Instagram photos revealing wide spaces with Portrait or Landscape on the photos.

So Instagram for iOS and Android has finally  Supported and Agreed users can now use Portrait and Landscape format. All you need to do is update your Instagram App to have the new feature.

  • Get Instagram for Apple iOS Here

The format button found on the Left allows Portrait or Landscape photo or video, as well as the usual former Square cropping. This also applies on both photos and videos including all the filters supports this new cropping formats. We hope we enjoy this new Feature.

  1. It was about time. Nothing against the square photos, but come on, there are times when the square is just not enough.

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