JUMIA Mobile Week Megathon | All You Need To Know About The Biggest Mobile Sale Ever!

Many of us already know the Ecommerce website Jumia Nigeria, is performing great at giving the Best Prices on thousands of items, but #AnotherBigThing is coming, it’s the JUMIA Mobile Week Megathon. The Biggest Mobile Sale Ever!
This is the next Big event Jumia will launch to us their customers, after the just concluded Jumia Tech Bloggers Round Table Meeting that was held on 14th May 2015.

The word “MEGATHON” also means marathon of mega deals in Jumia mobile Week, and with that I assure you JUMIA IS SLICING THEIR PHONE PRICE TO PIECES On Mobile Week Megathon.

Lovers of phones will get it at Prices that come Once in a Lifetime, and if you’re tech Savvy like me, or whether you’ll be Buying to resell the Phones to keep the gains, it’s a Fact, JUMIA Mobile Week Megathon will be very enjoyable.

The Date is 1st to 7th of June, and if you’re still wondering what its going to be like, then this post is for you,

JUMIA Mobile Week Megathon? All You Need To Know!

JUMIA - Mobile Week Megathon


Be Ready, you’ll grab those Phones you had always wanted. Jumia will be slashing Prices even more during the Mobile Week Megathon. There would be Mega-Deals & People will see Real Prices they won’t believe!
Phone Sales will consist of your Favourite Operating Systems, Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Mobile OS.


It would be Taking Place For One FULL WEEK! 1ST – 7TH OF JUNE 2015.
BlackFridays & CyberMondays have always been an Opportunity that lasts only 24 Hours to Buy things once in a Year, but Jumia Mobile Week Megathon will give us an opportunity of a BlackFriday that will last One whole Week! For 7 days, 168 Hours, you’ll Buy The Smartphones you had always wanted!

– Jumia Will Give The Best deals on the Best Brands

Jumia Mobile Week Megathon will Feature the Best Deals on Best Brands, giving us the Cheapest Prices on the Best Brands that are into the Phone Production Business, according to the Calender, there would be Phone Sales on brands using the Calender pattern below from 1st – 7th June, 2015:

  • INNJOO – MONDAY – 1st June
  • INFINIX – TUESDAY – 2nd June
  • TECNO -WEDNESDAY – 3rd June
  • APPLE – THURSDAY – 4th June
  • LENOVO – FRIDAY – 5th June
  • SAMSUNG – SATURDAY- 6th June
  • LG -SUNDAY – 7th June
Megathon Calender

– Jumia + MTN will Give 3GB Free Data on Each Phone

Jumia in partnership with MTN will give 3GB Free Data on each Phone that will be bought. You won’t have to Worry about Internet Subscription when getting started with the Phones purchased on Jumia Mobile Week Megathon, 3GB will be given to us along with Devices For FREE! And of course, after the Free Data have been exhausted, there are special data bundle packages that will be given to you.

– How to Partake & Grab the Best out of JUMIA Mobile Week Megathon

There will be lots of sales on the Best Deals from the Brands which we all will benefit from in the Mobile Week Megathon. You’ll need to stay in touch and act fast, thousands of people are also waiting to grab the phones before you, here’s a Qucik shortcut to grab Jumia Megathon Deals before everyone else.

1. Rush to the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon page and Sign up

2. Download and Install the Jumia Apps (For Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone Or Blackberry) 

Once you have done all or any of this, you’ll surely be the First to receive updates immediately these Amazing MEGATHON DEALS are revealed from Monday, 1st  to 7th June, 2015.

– People will Win Vouchers! Including You!

The most Caring people who Share and Spread the word won’t be Left Out, as you all stand a chance to Win 5,000 Naira vouchers from Jumia when you Share this Campaign! Please you can even start from here by sharing this post.
Remember you can to Follow +Jumia Nigeria and the Hashtag #JumiaMobileWeek for first hand news and happenings of the campaign too.

See the Teaser video from Jumia below

Let’s Be Ready to witness an extraordinary Week, Save some cash and get ready to Buy Smartphones at the lowest Prices of a Lifetime

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  1. This is really a great write up about the Jumia Mobile week, it's good I found it here and understand everything about it, I will look forward to the Big Day on 1st of June.
    Tnx Edi Ifediri for the share.

  2. Whats a Fantastic Initiative from the Jumia Brand.

    I have always give them my Rating, This is a one time Offer… Jumia till the end of time.

    Goodluck Ifediri.

  3. LOL, Magnus, HP? HP phones we know are not as popular in our country as the other Brands, Jumia is offering Mega Deals on Mega Brands.

  4. Apple on Thursday?? That's great!! Time to get another apple Product from Jumia, this time its gonna be MacBook or iPad.. Thanks Jumia

  5. Great write up Edi, I like this but sadly I don't like mtn network… ..it's slower than snail. Good one from Jumia.

  6. Amazing news from the Biggest Online Retailer, Jumia! Please we are getting ready, we cannot wait!

  7. Hi Akpene Jacob, MTN is perfect here in my side bro, super fast HSPDA, perhaps your experience with slow network on your MTN is due to your location.

  8. Please guys I found this post on Twitter, since you guys are talking much about it here, do you have any idea if Galaxy S6 will be sold at discount during Jumia Megathon

  9. I see we have a Galaxy S6 fan here, we wish you used your real name, anyways, Good news! Sir or Ma, there will discount as the Galaxy S6 will be among the Hero Deals of the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon.You can See this Post for List of More Hero deals from the 7 Gold Partners of Jumia Megathon!

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