Kaymu Affiliate Program – Who Else Wants To Be Successful With Them?

Kaymu Affiliate program have joined the list of Affiliate programs in the country Nigeria, giving people one more great choice to earn online and we’ve got Success Story’s here with them, as I had done previously with Konga, trying out some of these methods you as a Blogger or anyone else can use online to empower and earn yourself some good money.

Few months back, we decided to check out Kaymu’s Affiliate Program, around November 2015, Black Friday was near and they were a huge part of it last 2015.

But, it’s just about running quickly to join a program right? When it comes to Affiliate programs like this, there are 2 important questions Affiliates always ask:

  • What’s the Commission percentage for each product
  • Are the Products readily available

After trying out Kaymu, I can’t say All their product’s commission percentage is as competitive as that of Jumia and Konga, most are the same, only few differed (Konga & Jumia gives 3% for Electronics & Gadgets Kaymu gives 2.5%.)
Kaymu tried to come really close on Electronics, Mobile phones and gadgets. But then, Kaymu’s Products are overly available, too many of them, they barely run out of stock like Jumia and Konga and since Kaymu deals with New and Used Goods, it doesn’t have to be a New product for you to get commission for it. We saw a lot of flexibility with that too.


We realised that Kaymu has a little edge over other eCommerce sites in the country. Kaymu contains wider varieties of products from ONLY sellers, unlike Jumia and Konga who sell products from their Warehouse and few other sellers or external merchants.

Kaymu is a more open place, an online marketplace, products bought or sold there are more vast and Almost unlimited even if they all deal with similar products and services as other Big ecommerce sites.
Each of Kaymu’s product & services has its own commission rates (in percentages) also known as Pay Per Lead for their Affiliates:

  • Books and Stationery
  • Fashion (clothing, shoes, accessories)
  • Computers and Laptops
  • Mobile Phones
  • Sporting Goods
  • Phone and Tablet Accessories
  • default campaign
  • Food and Drink
  • Health and beauty & Personal Care
  • Events & tickets
  • Audio, Video & Gaming
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Computer accessories
  • Home & Garden
  • Toys, Kids and Baby
  • Tablets
  • Music, Movies & Games


I think we have gotten past that stage where we ask if Kaymu Affiliate Program is real or scam… of course they’re for REAL and I’ll just go ahead and share a screenshot of my payout below:


Kaymu’s pay out starts from 2,500 Naira, you can change and upgrade your Threshold amount to 5K, 10K and above… depending on how well you’re doing.
As with other programs, Pay outs are Wired to your account within “mid-week of each month” when you reach the Threshold in the previous month.

Sure, you can Sign Up to be an Affiliate partner, and tell us how it goes.

It took a while but we reached the threshold especially when people shopped from Kaymu along with Jumia and Konga during BlackFriday 2015, however you can always check out this post to see how you can improve your Affiliate ground anytime.

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