Brand New ADSENSE SECRET EXPOSED!!! How To Boost Your Earnings with A Unique HTML Code & YouTube Videos

This post is about something New, something Unique I learnt from A Very powerful Ebook I read about 2 years ago, I didn’t Notice this Tip until Late Last year when I decided to Read the book over again. Pro-bloggers and intelligent webmasters are currently using it but may have Never told you.

After giving it a try, it yielded amazing results, so I decided to Share this cool Secret with you.

Here’s How I Boosted My AdSense Earnings using A Unique HTML Code and YouTube Video.

When it comes to AdSense, so many important things are involved with How much you’re earning. 

3. POSITIONING OF YOUR ADS, the positions of your Ad units is the point I am making here, it was the Key I used to discover how we can boost earnings, which I am about showing us now and it’s only possible through the Smart use of HTML codes (primarily).
4. CLICKS – only when 1, 2, and 3 are in place, clicks now follows.

Despite my 2nd blog doesn’t have plenty traffic see below a screenshot of it’s performance after I used this HTML code.

1. AD REQUESTS became very accurate and improved

2. COVERAGE, 99.96% – An almost perfect performance, it means the ads are very visible, audience is seeing it, and this was only attainable through the HTML CODES I used to position the Ad unit.

3. CLICKS, 48 – pretty cool amount of clicks to hit ONE ad block on a blog with Average traffic huh?

From The first day I applied it Alone… Coverage got to a complete 100% with 5 clicks.
You too can Boost your Earnings, No matter the Pageviews you are getting daily. Follow the Simple Steps Below.


– Good YouTube Video(s)
– A Popular blog post on your blog or newly but well written post.
– The Unique HTML code
– Your AdSense Ad Unit code. (336 x 280)
– … A Little Patience

How to Apply the Requirements

Now, this is how it works, let’s say you have a blog post, and a Video, and both your Post and that Video went viral, it’s receiving lots of traffic from searching Engine,…… you can double your Earnings through that Video in your post, Yes. That’s all I did and it worked great.

It works in 2 Ways:
a. Use Your Pre-existing popular blog posts to show the YouTube video
– OR –
b. Make A New Good Post and attach the YouTube Video(s) in the post

The Unique HTML code

Once the above is ready, copy and use the HTML codes below

<table align="left" style="width: 600px;"> <tbody> <tr> <td width="320">PASTE YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEO CODE HERE </td> <td width="300">ADSENSE CODE HERE (336X280)<br /> </td> </tr> </tbody></table>

 Using the above code will position your Ad unit side-by-side with that video.

As I already put in bracket, 336 x 280 ad sizes are best fit for this, depends on the size of your Post body, you can always adjust by changing the Attributes in the codes.
Create A New ad unit so you easily Track its performance after you apply this tip.

Now you might be saying to yourself, You don’t have a Popular Post with a Video.

Well, Here’s my suggestion, simply head to YouTube, or any similar sites as Long as the Video is NOT explicit, >> search and Pick a very good video related to your most popular Posts, then attach it in the post.
Use same HTML codes to Position the Video, with the Ad.

Now give it some time, Check back in a Week. I am sure you’ll be Impressed with the Results. 

Sky Rocketed Earnings is certain.
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  1. This post is not clear at all sir. The Adsense code, do i need to parse it? The youtube video code, is it the embedded code or video url?

  2. If you are to Parse the code, I'll definitely state it, but you don't need to Parse any code. Use it directly, click HTML in the Post Editor and paste them.Use the Embedded code or any codes given to you used to display videos, they're mostly javascript. Use them with the HTML Codes I shared above.Hope that solves it @Magnus.

  3. Xup bro, great post, never thought of that.

    But bro, why aren't you making use of it, on this your main blog? And hope it doesn't violate adsense TOS

    One more thing bro, how many CTR did you accumulate with this trick? Coz I can see 44 Ad Request with 1click.. The CTR would be damn high. Please clarify.

    And finally bro, can I use one particular video for all posts, is it only a particular post I would use it for? Coz I have a video that I would love to place at the end of my post of every posts. So I would love to know if it's right I do it like that?

  4. Good questions Chinonso,Although I have unique posts that have gone Viral, I haven't seen a related video that went viral like the Post on Youtube. I wouldn't want to be promoting anybody's Video because it's only related, the video has to have Thousands of views too for me to Gain from it.Like you said, AdSense TOS, Remember Adsense content unit is max. of 3 . Since I got enough Ads displaying this blog, using that method will need me to do some Adjustment on my Ads per page.I accumulated over 48clicks in 30 days with only that Ad slot after apply this tutorial I shared here.No, I suggest you use different videos only related to the post you share, just make Sure the Post and Video has gone viral when applying this tip.

  5. what i meant in violating adsense TOS, placing adsense close to the video which increase ctr, isn't that against their tos?

  6. No, it doesn't violate AdSense TOS, I made sure the HTML code gives the Ad some space from the video so viewers can spot the difference. This makes it very safe.

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