List Of Castles In Nigeria and their Locations

List Of Castles In Nigeria — Even the most dilapidated or ancient historical structures exist, especially in Nigeria. As you enter those doors, you don’t simply enter a structure; you enter memories, tales, and history–if you can see past the paint and décor, the bricks and mortar, and the exterior decoration. It follows that a building serves many more purposes than simply providing a roof over your head.

They maintain history while standing side by side with time which is also why they can be called the best castles if you visit Nigeria.

Knowing one’s past is crucial, and in recognition of this, we’ve chosen the Top 10 List Of Best Castles In Nigeria. We hope you’ll love it.

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List Of the Best Castles In Nigeria Today

Jaekel House

Jaekel House, which bears Francis Jaekel’s name and was constructed in 1898, is one of the oldest historical structures still surviving in Nigeria. Francis Jaekel was a former Superintendent of the Nigeria Railway Company.

The mansion, which is situated at the Railway Complex in Ebute-Metta, Lagos, has been restored to its former splendour and is currently used as a railroad museum and photo exhibition from the colonial era of the NRC.

Mapo Hall

From its vantage point atop Mapo Hill peak, Ibadan’s highest point, Mapo Hall has observed 87 years of Nigerian history. One of Ibadan’s most spectacular buildings, Mapo Hall was built in 1929 and created by British engineer Robert Taffy Jones. It was first built for official functions and public hearings. However, following its reconstruction in 2006, it has become a conference venue and tourist attraction, complete with an outstanding hallway portrait display of every previous and present Olubadan of Ibadan and its on-site mini-museum

Kajuru Castle

The 43-year old Kajuru Castle was constructed by an unidentified German expatriate in 1978. Its German-inspired building is stunning and unique!

First European Storey Building

This is the First Storey Building in the Lagos State town of Badagry. It serves as a popular tourist destination. The foundation of the structure was laid in 1842 while the house was completed in 1845. Reverend Henry Townsend of the Church Missionary Society constructed it (CMS).

As he began translating the Holy Bible from English to Yoruba, the First African Missionary, Samuel Ajayi Crowther, C.M.S. Bishop, lived in the building. It is the most popular mission house in Badagry because the first sets of missionaries in Nigeria resided at the building. 

St George’s Hall, Lagos.

Historical, endearing, and cute. Constructed in 1907, this structure is located on Broad Street. The global Freemason Order’s St. George’s Lodge No. 3065 is located in it. Before it was built, the land’s 99-year lease, which was free of taxes and rates, was granted by Sir Walter Egerton, the colony and protectorate of Southern Nigeria’s governor at the time.

Some of Nigeria’s most well-known figures over the years have frequented this structure. Oludare Holloway, Willoughby Osbourne, and Sir Adeyemo Alakija are a few of these. Its elaborate Victorian design and finishing complement the old structure.

Lugard Hall

The Kaduna State House of Assembly’s 107-year old building was constructed in 1914 and is named for Lord Frederick Lugard. Initially, it served as the Northern Protectorate’s legislative capital. The historical structure’s design is a copy of Westminster, London’s House of Commons and House of Lords.

The Cenotaph of Taiwo Olowo, Lagos.

In 1848, Daniel Conrad Taiwo, an indentured servant, arrived in Lagos. He amassed so much money that he was known by the name Taiwo Olowo when he passed away in 1901 at the age of 120. (Taiwo the Rich Man). In Lagos’ political system, Taiwo Olowo also rose to prominence. He was the sole ruler of the markets and trade routes in Isheri.

He had 16 wives, and today there are hundreds of his offspring.

Senhor Jorge DaCosta, a renowned builder who had returned to Brazil, built the striking monument honouring his life in 1905. It has plaques made up of thousands of melted copper pennies to reflect Taiwo Olowo’s prominence. Iga Taiwo Olowo, his family home, is located across the street from the cenotaph (Palace of Taiwo the Rich Man). His descendants still reside there and own the property.

Kings College

One of the oldest structures in Nigeria is Kings College, which was constructed in Lagos in 1909 by the British colonial administration. The structure was initially constructed to help prepare male students for the University of London’s matriculation exams. Kings College still stands at its original position on Catholic Mission Street, Lagos Island to date.

Christ Church Cathedral

This is one of the historical structures in Nigeria that, quite simply, oozes regalness due to its past. The oldest Anglican cathedral in the Church of Nigeria was built on March 29, 1867, and it was formally founded in 1869. It is commonly referred to as the Cathedral Church of Christ Marina.

On April 21, 1925, the Prince of Wales, who would later become King Edward VIII, personally placed the cornerstone.

The cathedral has served as the residence of the archbishop of the Province of West Africa, the archbishop and primate of All Nigeria, and the archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Lagos at various points in its history.

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Oba of Benin Royal Palace

Despite the fame of the Benin culture and its artefacts throughout the world, it is practically difficult to capture a photograph of this magnificent historical structure because photography is not permitted within the Oba’s palace. Oba Ewedo (1255–1280 AD) originally constructed the Royal Palace, which served as a representation of the powerful Bini Empire for six centuries. Oba Eweka II (1914–1932 AD) reconstructed it after it was destroyed by the British punitive expedition of 1897. It is still standing and is one of Nigeria’s oldest structures; it is also recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Mentioned above is the List Of Castles In Nigeria.

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