7 Sure Reasons You’re Not Making Sales from Jumia, Konga, Amazon, eBay and other Affiliate Programs

Have you wondered? Why am I not making sales from Amazon, eBay, Jumia or Konga or any E-commerce affiliate program? How do I make those sales and get commissions.

Before you continue reading, I’d like to let you know this is going to be yet another long post from me, you’ll need to exercise patience reading it from start, then reap the rewards when you finish it 🙂

Most of us know that Affiliate Programs or being an Affiliate is having the ultimate goal of making Sales and getting the commission for it, which means MORE Sales, MORE Commissions.

While I had shared My Success Story earning with Konga Affiliate Program, the story seems to be different for some Affiliates who are still trying so hard to reach Threshold where they would be Paid their commissions.

Truth is, to make sales, you definitely need to work both Hard and Smart at the same time, once this is in place, Sales and every other thing you wanted will start rolling in.

This was not easy for me at first, as I made few mistakes which were Reasons I wasn’t making Sales when I started, hence my progress was Slow, but on the Long run, I made Corrections.

Reasons Why I made No Sales along with the Mistakes Some others are Making is what I’ll be discussing and sharing with us, these mistakes are the Reasons you’re not Making Sales as an Affiliate, there are many reasons but these are the Major Ones…



I made this mistake couple of times, and still notice many others make the mistake too.
As an Affiliate, you need know that IT IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SELL, that is the job of the SALES PAGE which Your Affiliate links will lead the reader to. You rather need to help people with facts, Why they should Buy etc…

Most Affiliates make a big mistake of seeing New product(s), because it looks nice and Appealing to the eyes, instead of looking for ways to help their Readers or Buyers see reasons why this product will solve their problems, they just go ahead and Only describe the Product, everyone will say it’s just a Review, brief Review is NOT enough at times.

Sometimes people will read your review but it’ll end there, they won’t buy, and even if they Do Buy, you won’t make as many Sales as a Post Review that gives readers Facts, Helpful and Practical reasons Why they should buy a particular Product/Service or what makes Makes the product interesting for you to show it to them.


As the saying goes, Jack of all Trade, Master of NONE! It’s same way with many people who do it wrong in Affiliate marketing, they join as many Programs as possible. Fine, it’s cool to cultivate multiple streams of income as you work online, but soon you’ll find out you have too much to Handle.
Until I found a better One, Konga Affiliate and Jumia Affiliate Program, Amazon and Ebay with few other Web Hosting Programs like Arvixe are the best I can Recommend in my Locality for now.

I advice that Before joining a program, be watchful, depending on your energy, smartly pick two or three Affiliate programs you want to work with and stick with it.
Overloading yourself can really be a Bad idea.


When we go to the Cinemas, what we see and buy most are Pop-corn and Drinks, and that’s because we’ll be chewing and drinking while watching the movie. Those products sell since they are relevant to the Audience coming there.

Every blog, or type of business should have a niche or carve one, you won’t sell T-Shirts to people that came to buy Blender.
Likewise, You can’t be Selling Music Tracks on a tech blog that discuss phones and computers.
Fine, there’re some “Marketers” who would claim they can sell Sand to a man in the Desert, but how much Quantity will you really Sell? Will you profit as much from that type of sale?

Your Focus should be building a category and type of Audience and give them what they need that is related to both your Category and Audience.


Placing Banners is very Easy, they’re ready-made for you to choose and Use on your Various Blogs or websites.
Banner works but This is Nothing Compared to Writing Reviews. 30 Sentences in a Review is Not much, I said 30,, you can Add more, you won’t need talk too much.

Simple but Powerful Reviews that Describes the Product/Service will Convert and Bring you more sales than A Mighty Banner.

Best Reviews seen on the Web so far are the Ones that:
– Describe,
– Compare similar products,
– Tell facts and are open enough to tell PROS & CONS of the Products/service
– and of course are Very well SEO Optimised.


Some products/services are important to try out before Selling them. It will really be such an Ugly situation telling readers to Buy the Smartphone you reviewed saying it can Last 10 Hours On Enabled High Speed Internet but your readers found it stays Only 6 Hours after they bought it.
I am sure that’s the Essence of the Hands-On reviews Tech-bloggers/Affiliates are doing these days, to Test and prove the functions of devices, and other products and services too.

Even if you can’t lay your Hands on to Fully Test a Device Or Software, make sure you research and confirm your Information before publishing it to your readers.
The More you Give Honest Reviews, the More You’ll get Higher Trust Flow from Readers and Buyers, Sales too will grow.

You’ve Heard about the Quote that says “GOOD NAME IS BETTER THAN RICHES Eh?” That’s exactly what applies here.

You don’t have to Lie because you want to make Sales. Convincing with a honest opinion is way better.


Last year, when I was still new to Affiliate Programs, I would pick my Aff-Link, Paste the link as Anchor Text in the post and Leave, I didn’t even check if the Link works, in the End, No Sales.

Careful when using your Aff-links,
-Make sure you open a New Tab, paste the link to Test whether it really opens the Correct Landing page of what you want to Sell.
– Smartly use your Aff-links where necessary in your Posts,
– they should be NO-FOLLOW Attribute links,

– they should Not be too much on your Posts (Stuffing too much Links has Penalty from Google which can Harm you)

*TIP* – CLOAK YOUR AFF-LINKS – Shorten or Customise them
Some URLs are very Long because of (Campaigns) Perimeters in the URL.
You can use LINK SHORTNERS like GOOGLE CAMPAIGN URL BUILDER OR BIT.LY for that. Bit.ly had helped me many times in customising while I still keep my links short.
That way, you can remember and even give out the link to anybody to use.

It’ll definitely Help your Readers to visit and Buy easily, without Breaking a Thing.
Remember to always to test again and see if your shortened URL redirects to the right sales page.


I used to ignore this Part until I got to learn how experts are using it to Leverage Sales, it’s Important you watch where your Sales are coming from, when you’re Logged in to your Affiliate dashboard, check your Sales to see the pages that Led that highest numbers of Sales, now visit the post page or review, Study the pattern you used to write it and try it again with the Other posts/reviews you write soon.

If you’re Yet to Find a Writing Pattern that sells, I’ll give an example that yields good results:

Adding the BUY BUTTON immediately below the first paragraph (where The product is briefly described in 3 or 4 sentences), without wasting time this will help Readers to quickly & easily follow the Link to buy the product.

Many of them may have already seen the review before. 

Round Up

It’s not been long I started taking Affiliate Programs serious, but so far, it had been a cool experience earning with it. I am still learning as you and as long as We can Focus on Increasing Our Productivity in Affiliate Marketing, the Profits will Increase too, perhaps you may end up putting your AdSense money aside, yeah You heard me right, Affiliate Earnings can make you Put AdSense aside.
There’re people already making 6-Figures from Affiliate Programs alone, hope the tips I stated will Help, let’s Make More Sales and Join the Millionaires!

Cheers to your Online Success!

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