This blog or website is categorized under technology, and then broken down to Computers, Mobile, Gadgets, D.I.Y guides, Reviews, Social Media, SEM, SEO related topics, Online Cash, and much more, to make things Work Easier and Faster for you.

EdiTweaks, just because you see the word "tweaks" in our name doesn't mean we are all about free browsing tricks or tweaks as many people in our locality may call or assume it, please see Wikipedia for what we actually meant in this context of "tweaks" as ONE of this website's mission... however, sometimes we have had to expose loopholes if we found any in our Telecoms, there's been no reward for these findings other than sharing it for use, but that's by the way.

EdiTweaks still represents a brand and had been opportuned to be noticed for its brilliant posts, this means some of the Biggest and Most Respected websites and Companies in its locality, Tier 1 countries and other continents have featured EDITWEAKS, few of them include:
  • BUSINESS2COMMUNITY (you'll see us in the 5th paragraph)
  • GEEK.NG (we got featured in many posts on that Authority site, the Finest ones are seen in the 4th paragraph of this Post, and this Post, (seen at the 4th headline of the topic) which led us to being A Featured Author of the website you'll see in the site's footer)
  • XDA DEVELOPERS (seen in the 3rd Headline)
EdiTweaks also gets mentions from Big Brands Online

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The Author, Ifediri Dominic (code-named: Edi) is a young fellow; who hails from the streets in the city of Lagos.
He tends to be a Webmaster, Computer artist & I.T personality due to his passion for the Arts and Sciences since the age of 14 that he kicked off with the mobile web, you can connect with him, he hangs around social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

He recently developed interest in blogging for the love of writing and sharing ideas, hence he also writes tech stuffs for other local & foreign websites.


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