2023 Best eCommerce Marketplace builders for Multi-Vendors

There’s recently been a large rise of vendors and shoppers online this year, hence the need to build more marketplaces online for them, so today, you’ll find out the best and most popular E-commerce marketplace builders online and everything you need to know about them in this concise, honest review.

eCommerce Marketplace builders for Multi-Vendors

Before heading to the main review, quickly allow me to summarize what eCommerce Marketplace builders are all about and the goals they help vendors accomplish. You can scroll down now if you already know about it.

What is an eCommerce Marketplace builder?

These are powerful software that allows a person or a company effectively run their business which has to do with helping different vendors or retailers sell their products of various kinds to online shoppers or customers in return for commission from the vendors. In other words, this software lets your users rent or sell goods, spaces, or services online, after which they pay you a commission for providing them with the platform (marketplace). Some of the biggest and most successful websites that are good examples of eCommerce for independent sellers are AirBnB, Etsy, and Themeforest.

When you get an eCommerce marketplace builder, then you can achieve great results or even better results than them.

Now, back to the main topic: a few marketplace builders have emerged on the Internet, and they’re doing great for vendors, marketplace owners, and shoppers due to their nice and productive functionalities. Hence we will review 5 of the Best and Most popular eCommerce Marketplace builders for Multi-Vendor marketplace so you can make the best choice if you consider getting one soon.

1. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Quick Review

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a standalone eCommerce software that allows you to create an online marketplace. In Multi-Vendor, independent vendors can sell their products through a single storefront. CS-Cart is straightforward and doesn’t need external plugins, as everything is built-in and super easy to customise and roll-out for the marketplace owners, vendors and shoppers.

CS-Cart also offers Mobile apps (iOS and Android) for marketplaces; the app is fully synced with the web and mobile versions of the marketplace.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Mobile App


  • 500+ admin functions
  • Real-time and manual shipping calculations
  • Separate vendor panel
  • Separate mini store for every vendor
  • Vendor account balance, sales reports & statistics, and even more vendor features
  • 26 built-in translations
  • You can try it free for 30 days and create your free personal demo; no credit cards are required when signing up for that.
  • Offers mobile app for marketplace (iOS and Android)
  • Supports listing physical and digital products


  • The software is quite pricey

Apart from the price, we can deduce that the popular CS-Cart eCommerce Marketplace builder has the best and most robust features than other marketplace builders for vendors, which makes this software to be a wise choice.

There’s more added value to the list of advantages it offers; a mobile app for your vendor marketplace is also among them. It’s highly recommended as one of the most reliable software for creating an online marketplace right now, and you can try it free for 30 days.

2. Sharetribe

Sharetribe Marketplace builder

Sharetribe Review
Sharetribe Marketplace builder takes care of the technology with frequent updates. With Sharetribe, you can create a marketplace website exactly how you want it to look. Simple to customize. The interface is slick, and Share tribe’s registration and listing process is adapted to work more towards individual sellers than organized stores.

With this you can build your own concept with your own brand.


  • It comes with payment plans if you want fewer or more features
  • Super quick setup
  • Create a marketplace in minutes.
  • No need for online marketplace software installation.
  • No developers needed


  • It comes with a good number of extra charges here and there.
  • It wouldn’t suit uploading large numbers of products

Sharetribe’s design is pretty slick, and although it’s also quite expensive and paid every month, that’s if the quantity of members (including the vendors and shoppers) on the platform is within 1,000 members, which it serves efficiently. Aside from that, Sharetribe is focused more on creating peer-to-peer marketplaces rather than multi-vendor marketplaces with organized storefronts.

3. WordPress with Marketify and Easy Digital Downloads

WordPress with Marketify and Easy Digital Downloads

WordPress with Marketify – Quick Review
With Marketify, you can build any digital marketplace you want. The software is built to support WordPress. Marketify easily allow authors to create accounts and list their products. Buyers can then purchase products and immediately have access to downloads. The theme integrates with Easy Digital Downloads to create multi-vendor marketplaces for digital products.


  • Very affordable
  • Performs most basic vendors’ needs


  • You don’t create your own products—only sellers do
  • You have to buy all sorts of various plugins to make it work
  • Supports mostly selling softwares or digital products unlike others that support both digital and physical goods

WordPress with Marketify is a good choice for those who has lean budget for creating their marketplace, but this also means a lot of limited features

4. Magento with Marketplace

Magento with Marketplace

Magento Marketplace Quick review
Magento Marketplace is developed and brought online by Webkul, the developer company also provides versions for WordPress, Shopify and other CMS platforms. This one is also quite more robust than Marketify. It’s actually an extension that helps you build your own marketplace for vendors or yourself. Magento Marketplace can handle both physical and digital products. Vendors can specify whether their product is physical or digital when they create a product listing


  • Magento Marketplace has slightly better search functionality than Marketify out-of-the-box.
  • Customers can search by keyword and then sort by category, price, relevance, and name.


  • Add-ons/Plugins are often required
  • You have to buy all sorts of various plugins to make it work

Marketplace, in conjunction with Magento, is another good Marketplace builder that does a good deal for vendor business owners; it’s also quite similar to WordPress with Marketify, which was already reviewed up here in this article.


Kreezalid Marketplace builder

Kreezalid Marketplace builder – Quick Review
Do you want to go into Selling Products, Rentals, or Services? For Merchants or Peer to Peer?

Whether you want to sell new jewelry from multiple vendors or just used parts for motorcycle enthusiasts, Kreezalid Marketplace builder solution fits all types of new and used community marketplaces with easily adaptable plug-ins.


  • No coding required
  • Supports English and French languages
  • Customizable
  • Quick setup
  • Responsive design
  • You can start your free trial; there is no risk, and no credit card is required.


  • The features are quite limited
  • Works for small-scale business vendors
  • A good number of Add-ons/Plugins are required often

Kreezalid comes last in the list because their user interface is a bit poor, and they’re still gaining ground in building marketplaces for their users; although there are some improvements to be done, the Marketplace builder has the potential to become better as they’re already serving lots of vendors.



From the reviews of the 5 most popular eCommerce Marketplace builders, Sharetribe, Magento with Marketplace, WordPress with Marketify, and Kreezalid all offer simple interfaces and a bunch of nice features and solutions for vendors at basic prices; as said earlier, this can also mean that performance will be limited with some of them unlike CS-Cart Multi-Vendor that steps further for vendors by providing an all-in-one package for the marketplace owners and marketplace vendors. All of them offer a free trial for 7-14 days. Meanwhile, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor offers 30 days trial.

Also, multi-vendor business owners can deduce from this article that a larger number of great functions means a higher price for software; hence it’s obvious and understandable that CS-Cart takes the lead.

However, whether you’re considering price or not, it’s important to take and weigh the advantages, disadvantages, and flexibility of a marketplace builder software you choose for your multi-vendor marketplace and the kind of business you want to run with it.

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