List of QNET Branches in Nigeria

A reputable direct-selling business with a global presence, QNET is accredited. It provides business owners with the chance to start their own company by allowing them to join QNET as a distributor or an independent representative (IR), which costs a small fee. As a result, it is an entrepreneurial opportunity rather than an employment offer.

What Does QNET Mean?

The QI Group owns QNet Ltd, a direct-selling business with headquarters in Hong Kong that was formerly known as QuestNet, GoldQuest, and QI Limited. The business uses an eCommerce platform to market a range of goods, including those for energy, weight management, nutrition, personal care, home care, luxury goods, and accessories for clothing. Vijay Eswaran launched Qnet, QN Europe, and other businesses in 1998 in Hong Kong. On its website, the company makes claims about its products “that would not pass official muster in much of the world.” Although the company calls itself an e-commerce operation, a regular retail customer can only buy a product from the website provided he has a referrer ID from an independent agent. Unlike other e-commerce sites, this one does not let purchases without ID.

The company uses a direct selling and multi-level marketing model for its marketing strategy, relying on independent representatives to recommend its products to customers. These independent representatives are paid based on both the volume of sales generated by the consumers they refer to and the volume of sales generated by other independent representatives who are arranged in binary teams.

According to the company’s official website, it has operations in more than 30 countries and has offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam in addition to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Côte d’Ivoire, and Rwanda. It also has franchise companies in India. both Turkey and Singapore. It was sued for allegedly running a product-based pyramid scam by Sri Lanka, Rwanda, and Egypt. Further under investigation in India are the business and its franchise Vihaan. After being first dismissed by Sessions Court, the Bombay High Court denied the anticipatory bail request of all the directors of Vihaan Direct Selling Pvt Ltd., a Qnet franchise, which featured world amateur billiards champion, Michael Ferreira.

They were charged with cheating and forgery. The Serious Fraud Investigation Office described multi-level marketing (MLM) systems operating by foreign corporations as “a possible threat to national security” in its findings on GoldQuest and QuestNet India. The Indian government has instructed the Serious Fraud Investigation Office to file charges against GoldQuest International and QuestNet Enterprise under the Indian Criminal Code and the Companies Act. The executive summary of the SFIO report is currently available to the general public. The company has denied the charges.

Is QNET a scam?

It’s quite obvious Qnet is not a scam.

QNET is a part of the Direct Selling Association, a self-regulatory organization for the business that has strict guidelines and codes of conduct in several nations. The company maintains compliance with local regulations in every country where it conducts business by being open and honest about its business model and activities.

 10 Reasons Why QNET is not a Scam;

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1. QNET pays commissions only on product sales.

Only product sales commissions are given to distributors under our business model. Whether you joined early or later is irrelevant. We have so many examples of downlines who, solely based on the power of the sales they produce, have developed considerably more profitable businesses than their uplines.

There is therefore no money to be produced without sales, even if one signed up a sizable network to join the company.

The important thing to remember is that product sales and purchases are crucial.

2. There is no overnight success with QNET.

A get-rich-quick scheme is not what QNET is. It is not an investment or financial fund program that guarantees astronomically large returns to investors. Like any other entrepreneurial endeavor, running the QNET firm needs a lot of work.

To succeed, QNET distributors must carefully organize their businesses, assemble and develop their teams, carry out financial planning and sales estimates, and work diligently.

Is it possible to make money from direct selling, even a lot of money? Yes, of course! Nothing distinguishes it from someone opening a physical storefront!

Financial benefits, however, require time to reap, just like with any other type of business.

3. A name change doesn’t mean QNET is a scam

There was only one product available when QNET was first established as GoldQuest in 1998: commemorative gold coins. The name reflected the item the business was marketing at the time.

Subsequently, a new name was required as the company’s profile and portfolio changed and grew to include more technology-based items. Hence,

QuestNet, later abbreviated to QNET. Regrettably, some individuals have utilized this obvious fact to disparage the organization.

The truth is that businesses frequently change their names, which means Qnet is unique.

4. QNET has offices around the globe — illegal businesses don’t.

Over 20 years, QNET has evolved from its modest beginnings into a world-renowned organization with offices not only in Southeast Asia, where the company was founded, but also outside.

We have operations in nations like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Germany that have stringent regulatory frameworks.

Legal enterprises are required to follow the law. Additionally, the fact that QNET, with its headquarters in Hong Kong, operates globally while abiding by all national laws and regulations, should serve as further confirmation that everything is legal.

5. QNET products are developed following international standards

The main objective of QNET products is to make comprehensive well-being available to everyone by assisting users in taking control of their health and lifestyles. To find and create the best goods, our research and development teams collaborate with an international group of specialists and scientists.

6. QNET is a member of prominent industry bodies

In several nations, QNET actively participates in recognized industry organizations including direct selling associations (DSAs).

Namely, the business has been a member of the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM) since 2010.

DSAs effectively act as industry self-regulatory organizations and collaborate closely with governments to make sure that their members uphold the highest moral, ethical, and professional standards.

For instance, the Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs Ministry, the Finance Ministry, and the Health Ministry are all partners with the DSAM.

QNET is a member of DSAs in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia in addition to Malaysia, and our European business is a member of the DSA in France and Spain.

7. Distributors are held to high ethical standards

The distributors or Independent Representatives of QNET are obligated to abide by a strict Code of Ethics concerning matters of ethics and professional conduct.

Furthermore, our Rules and Procedures make it abundantly apparent how distributors are expected to represent QNET and behave themselves in business.

They are strengthened even further by QNET’s Red Lines, a series of ten guidelines that emphasize the value of ethics and professionalism.

All of QNET’s regulations explicitly state the organization’s zero-tolerance policy against illegality and ethical transgressions and forewarning of swift termination in the event of violations.

8. QNET is associated with reputable, established brands

Manchester City, the defending English Premier League champion, has QNET as a direct selling partner.

A footballing behemoth like City puts a lot of stock in the names and brands it is associated with because of its proud past and triumphs.

The club’s decision to work with QNET and allow us to proudly display our brand on its official watches says volumes about the club’s confidence in us.

In addition, QNET has sponsorship deals with PJ City FC, the Malaysian Hockey Confederation, and the Confederation of African Football.

Aside from those affiliations, the brands associated with QNET’s assortment of products also reflect our position. As an illustration, consider the prestigious jewelry and watch brand Bernhard H. Mayer.

With a rich 150-year history, the brand would stand to lose a lot if it were associated with a fraudulent scheme. Therefore, its belief in QNET provides evidence of our legitimacy.

9. QNET’s recognition extends to winning global awards

Some major awards have been given to QNET throughout the years as a result of its reputation as a pioneering organization. We have received recognition at multiple international awards for our commitment to providing a seamless experience to our distributors and customers through our digital touchpoints, social media, business app, and training and education.

Recent victories that have garnered the greatest attention include Stevie Awards, Titan Business Awards, and Globee Business Awards. Please visit the QNET Honour Roll for a complete list of the honors that QNET has received over the years.

A total of 33 trophies were won by QNET in 2021, including a special award for our CEO Malou Caluza.

10. QNET gives back to communities in need

Our company’s corporate philosophy, RYTHM—an acronym for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind—is possibly one of the most significant features of QNET. In RYTHM, QNET discusses its goal of empowering individuals to improve their lives and contribute to their communities.

Our priority has always been to create a successful company while also making sure we are active in the communities where we operate.

More than 50,000 people have had their lives improved through QNET’s corporate social responsibility arm, RYTHM Foundation, and that number is increasing every day.

To help Mother Earth get back on track, we are also concerned about environmental sustainability and have started many programs. To balance the ecosystem of our planet, for instance, QNET’s Green Legacy initiative intends to assist with reforestation efforts worldwide.

Twenty years later, the organization is still dedicated to advancing ethics, professionalism, openness, and sound business practices.

This is not how “scam” businesses operate.

Is Qnet Legal in Nigeria?

The direct selling business makes a concerted effort to demonstrate its authenticity. Although it’s sometimes misconstrued as a scam or a pyramid system, it’s a completely legitimate direct seller. The company solely pays commissions on goods sales.

QNET Launches Operations in Nigeria:

QNET declared that it has expanded into Nigeria. At the same time, the business launched its collaboration with Transblue Ltd, a Nigerian firm that offers business advisory services, end-to-end compliance management services, and freight support to increase product accessibility throughout Nigeria. QNET anticipates that this partnership will enable it to make use of Transblue’s strong market position and regional know-how to design an improved customer support experience, train regional distributors, and speed up product access.

Biram Fall, QNET Regional General Manager of sub-Saharan Africa, stated that the company’s arrival in Nigeria is consistent with the country’s objective of working in tandem with the private sector to accomplish the targeted economic recovery and transformative growth. Through our well-established worldwide e-commerce and direct selling ecosystems, QNET intends to contribute by fostering entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

Branches of QNET in Nigeria

Only 2 were found, they include;

1. Qnet International


2B, River Plata Close, Abuja Municipal, Abuja, Nigeria

Phone Number: 

+234 703 048 7337



2. Mad Blue Associates (Qnet Nigeria)


9, Powa Complex, Town Planning Way, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone Number:

+234 803 237 8257



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