Reset/ Format/ Resurrect Your Nokia with Hard Reset, No Internet or External Devices Needed

Sometimes our Nokia fones, especially Symbian, can start becoming too slow than it supposed to, it cannot run properly as expected, these problems may be due to Internal Memory or/and MicroSD Card, which i will explain at the end of this post.

Months back, I had this cool application called Flip font which some of us, Symbian users know well about. Then, I had very little knowledge handling it so when I toyed around with some folders, using X-plore while I had this Flip font stored in my phone’s internal memory, the C: drive got corrupted and my phone Crashed,  it went off and couldn’t boot On again. I use a method called Hard Reset, though there are two ways you can Reset your mobile.

  • Soft Reset: clears pending errors and bring your mobile to its initial state by restoring factory settings. To do this, the shortcut is: *#7380# 

  • Hard Reset: you can use this if soft reset proves not working, and the errors still remain in the phone,  doing a hard reset takes 2 ways, just enter the code: *#7370# and press Yes to confirm.

Or you can press a combination of buttons (this is the last option to take in cases where the phone refuses to Boot),also known as RE-flashing or the “3-Finger Salute” and it works most various Symbian phones.

NOTE:  Ensure you back up your files into your Memory card since doing this would format/delete all data in your C: Drive (Phone’s Memory)

Working on Nokia E51,  E63, Nokia E5, N95, N81, N73, E65, E51, E55 (Symbian V3 and V5 phones)

Remove and REinsert the battery.
Hold the following buttons *, 3 (number button) and Talk/Green key.
Now press the Power button on the phone, do not release those buttons until you see the Nokia boot up screen. once you feel the phone power up you can let go off the power button while still holding all three button.

working on Nokia 5800XM

Use the following buttons to do a hard reset on Nokia 5800XM, press and Hold GREEN/ RED/ CAMERA keys all at once, then Press power button. this will only work on 5800’s that have firmware version 20… and up. )


The good thing about this that it turns restores your phone back to factory Setting, making it seem like it’s New, but the ugly  part is that you will loose your Files, if not all.

What you Should know about what can make you Reset your Phone?

Internal Memory

When the phone’s ROM (Read Only  memory) get almost full, there are no more spaces to store caches from your browsers, apps, receive Messages/files and so on,  it would definitely alter the speed at which it operates.
* Make your external memory (Micro SD) your primary Storage since it has more space for saving data
* Ensure you don’t install malicious applications inside your phone’s primary memory, it would easily harm the phone’s system.
Keep the internal memory strictly for data which can only be pre-installed in the internal memory by Default, such as caches, firmwares, cookies etc.

Micro SD Card Memory

* Same matters of slow operating system will arise when your memory card gets full, in this case, deleting some files might be the solution.
* Do not always go for Micro SD Cards (MMC) with very high capacity, if your Manufacturer recommends a 3 Gigabyte Memory card for the phone, then use it that way, ignoring such recommendations to go for more might later end up crashing the phone.

  1. Hi – My Nokia E5 won't switch on …. have tried re-flashing as per your suggestions but just buzzes and then nothing. How long does it take to 're-flash'? Have sat there with all 4 buttons pressed down for about 2 minutes and still nothing ?? Any thoughts – A

  2. it works perfectly on E5 @Malik, use *#7370# and insert your security code i.e 12345, the hard-reset will take place at once.

  3. Due to dual anti virus application my nokia e5 mobile get hang immediate after it start. I was also use 3 finger rest option but its not work coz my lock code is 12345 so when i use 3 button * 3 green key i cant give lock code so phone cant reset. please help me

  4. @Sanjey seems like you forget your security code so you can't do the hard reset, perhaps you did the 3 finger salute wrongly, it should work without asking for security codes, if it still brings no luck, you may try flashing the phone with Phoenix, that should solve it

  5. I switched my phone off last night as the battery was low (had a problem with battery usage recently but there's a heap of stuff on there and the messages were hanging). I plugged it in to charge and an hour later went to start the phone up. Nothing. No usual vibration from the button. I plugged it back into the charger and it beeped and the backlight came on and the nokia screen and the battery display indicated it was charging. Tried to turn it on whilst plugged into the charger. Nothing. Have taken it into a local phone shop, they assured me it was the micro switch, but when I went to collect it they said it wasn't the microswitch and that it was unrepairable.
    Can it be flashed whilst switched off, and if so, how?
    I tried using Nokia pc suite but it obviously doesn't find the phone when connected via USB, is there other firmware I can use?
    I googled the issue and found another site which has a dozen or more users all with the same problem, and someone posted a .rar file claiming that if you flashed it with the file it would boot up (there are lots of replies saying it worked for others) but I am unsure how to do it?
    This is the site I found it on
    Many thanks.

  6. Hi There,
    You didn't state ur name and phone model, well, flashing will solve it,
    Phoenix with Navifirm used to be one of the best softwares I've known that flashes almost any Nokia phone but I believe the procedures on that link you posted in your comment will work for you, and I suggest you get another USB which your PC would recognise with your phone.
    Best of Luck!

  7. I believe that's more of hardware issue, there's something wrong with your battery/power ports of your phone, meet a phone repairer.

  8. my phone nokia n81 always used up a fully charged battery within an hour without using the phone to play music or video the phone writes low battery. I have tried with many other good batteries it same. What do you think is wrong with the phone as it is not battery problem

  9. Its an amazing article i have just formatted my Nokia phone through this article and also formatted my phone using this tutorial. Really you have done a very hard work for making this nice tutorial with us…Superb Share

  10. My nokia phone asha 206.1 imei356702053013448 rm 87-3 is locked via I forgot my security code how do I unlock it plz help

  11. my nokia e5-00 cant define access point created manually and sent by server. I cant use mig33 ,realplayer and other application. Any help for me?

  12. my nokia E5 cannot install symbian files except java which wasn't the case before.if i try to install any symbian file its says ''unable to install no access''.i can only install those symbian files on my phone memory…what can i do to solve this
    another question is:my profile can't access the songs on my memory card…y

  13. I've nokia E63 it only lights center button. It does not boot at all. This happened on Monday 20 January 2014.

    I don't know what to do. Help please. I'm Simon.

  14. Dear after using this*#7370# code when i am insert my memory card then its asking password. where i was not given any password

  15. Making the Micro SD the primary memory does help a lot. I think people are sometimes unaware of all the things they can do to speed up their phone so tutorials like this are helpful. The problem is that sometimes we don't look for information until we face an actual problem. Many things could have been done to keep our devices running well, get good web hosting for our sites and do several other tasks that we enjoy easily.


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