Synchronize all Phone Contacts To SIM (For Symbian mobile )

If you had saved all your Contacts in your Symbian phone, and you insert a brand new SIM card into it, the phone would normally ask you whether to copy those contacts saved in your Phone to the new SIM Directory or not, and if you skip this Step, finding it again can be a bit of a puzzle.
Here’s the quick & easiest Tip on how you can go about it.

Synchronizing all saved Contacts in the phone to new SIM Card.

1. Go to Menu >> Contacts
2. Press Options >> scroll down to where you see Mark/Unmark >> Choose Mark All (choose this option to Synchronize all Contacts)

3. Again Press Options

4. Scroll down and Press Copy >> To SIM directory (choose Memory Card if you want it stored in the memory card)

 There! All your Contacts are now successfully saved in your SIM card, now you can always carry or find those Contacts even when you replace that SIM into another phone.

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