The Best Beaches In Lagos, Nigeria

The Best Beaches In Lagos, Nigeria– Lagos residents love their beaches. Chances are, on any given weekend, they’ll be at one of the city’s public or private beaches if they’re not out partying or mall shopping. Additionally, more private beaches, beach clubs, and resorts are sprouting in Lagos as a result of the local hospitality industry receiving record investments.

In Lagos, beaches are frequently extensions of hotels, so you can reserve a room and enjoy the waves whenever you want. They provide an upbeat selection of leisure and recreational pursuits that draw both the city’s broad expatriate community and its fun-loving locals. There is a beach for you if you want to play beach soccer, kitesurf, or party all night.

The Best Beaches In Lagos, Nigeria

Landmark Beach (Best for beach clubs}

Landmark is a sizable beach that has been separated into at least four sections. To get you to any area of the grounds where you want to spend your time, tricycles are waiting for you close to the gate.

Decide amongst the beach clubs. Both Lagos Beach Club and Island Breeze have on-site bars and restaurants as well as swimming pools. People often lay along the seashore or hang out in groups in cabanas of various sizes elsewhere on the expansive expanse of sand. Together with an amusement park and kid-friendly sports, there are football fields, basketball courts, and volleyball courts accessible if you’re searching for something more energetic. On the two mini-courses located at the Vitality Sports & Leisure facility, you can play golf.

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Tarkwa Bay (The best beach for surfers)

Tarkwa Bay is one of Lagos’ most well-known and beautiful beaches, and it’s where experienced surfers come back time and time again to practice their skills. It takes about 20 minutes to get there by boat from the Five Cowries port in Falomo or a variety of other private jetties on Lagos Island.

It’s one of the few beaches in Lagos where the locals are actively involved in its daily operations, both as sellers and through efforts to maintain the sands clean. It’s only recently developed a fresh reputation as a camping area. Views of the city, especially the unique towers at the Eko Atlantic, can be found by looking towards the city.

La Campagne Tropicana (The best beach at a luxury resort)

If you want to lose yourself on a beach that is lined by coconut trees, a lagoon, and a mangrove forest, La Campagne is the place to go. Everything about this venue is geared toward providing visitors with a genuine African experience, from the palm wine bar and bonfire area to the tents draped in mats and thatch-roofed cabanas. Once you’re inside, you can participate in a variety of free on-land activities, such as ball games and board games; all water sports, like jet skiing and kayaking, cost a lot of money and are only available at the lagoonside.

Barracuda Beach (Best beach for families)

On a Saturday, Barracuda is already humming and grinding by 10 a.m. with joyful crowds all around. Families love it for its “free zone,” a free seating area beneath a long stretch of coconut trees, and use the money they save there to buy additional delicacies. Other freebies include the ability to play games (beach soccer, handball) and take part in events like tug-of-war and sac racing.

One of the few beaches on the Okun Ajah corridor, Barracuda has largely preserved its coconut plantation. You pass through a canopy of coconut trees as you make your way to the beach, which is a very tranquil first impression.

Oniru Beach (The best beach for first-time horseback riders)

One of the first indigenous kingdoms in Lagos, Ireland, is where this beach is located. Simply watching individuals mount and ride a horse for the first time, with assistance and instruction from the riders (a trip costs N2000 on all beaches), can be entertaining in and of itself. Some prefer to ride roller coasters, play beach soccer, or dance to music instead of seeking out equestrian thrills. There are pricey seating options at the G12 Beachfront Bar. On Wednesdays and Sundays from 11 p.m. till dawn, the G12 club is open directly across from the bar.

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Honeyland Beach (Best beach resort for eco-tourism)

One of the more recent and lesser-known beaches in Lagos is Honeyland, which is located on Eleko Beach Road. If you’re looking for a place that feels and looks truly African, head here. It’s also a popular spot for eco-tourists. Guests can select between the main bar and the beachside bar, both of which offer views of people fishing for shrimp from dugout canoes on the open sea. You can order just about any delicacy from the restaurant’s African menu. There is no entrance fee, however, guests must pay to use the pool.

Golden Beach (Best beach to avoid the crowds)

Golden Beach, one of Lagos’ small and not popular beaches, is the go-to spot for beach enthusiasts who prefer less congested settings, day or night. Its basic thatch-and-bamboo bar serves as both a restaurant and looks out over the ocean. No matter where you are sitting, you can’t miss the amazing array of clever and memorable words that have been pinned to tree trunks to serve as a sort of guiding sign. These all support the enjoyment and well-being connected to beach time.

Elegushi Beach (The best beach for the weekends)

There are clubs and lounges all along the Elegushi Beach corridor, and on the weekends they are crowded with travellers. Settle at the front of the cabins for a nice view of the surf. From there, you can see horses running along the shoreline.

On other days, the sightseers are there to take in the breeze and peace; occasionally, small groups assemble to pray. The area in front of the Elegushi Central Mosque (Annex) is used as a prayer space on Friday afternoons before the crowds of people looking for entertainment begin to arrive.

Kids Beach Garden (Best beach for children)

Most beaches in Lagos typically cater mostly to adults, but at the Kids Beach Garden, kids are the main attraction. Children can play while learning about the environment and how it affects daily life in this area. Talks about climate change are mixed in with tree-planting activities on a normal day out here. Consider adopting or planting trees on the property to give back to the environment.

Shuffled, Above are The Best Beaches In Lagos, Nigeria. Have you been to any? Kindly share your experience via the comment section.

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