The Full List Of Delivery Companies In Nigeria

The Full List Of Delivery Companies In Nigeria–

Because of Nigeria’s ailing infrastructure, shipping goods throughout the nation can be time-consuming and expensive.

In this article, we will highlight some of the best delivery services available.

The Full List of Delivery Companies in Nigeria.

1. DHL

One of the oldest and most reputable courier services, not just in Nigeria but around the world, is DHL. You may ship your items and send your mail to more than 150 nations using DHL. The drawback of using DHL is that it is highly expensive and might not be within the means of the average Nigerian. Nonetheless, DHL continues to dominate the global market.

2. United Parcel Service (UPS)

Another business that operates worldwide is United Parcel Service (UPS), which follows DHL closely in market share. With its trustworthy and hassle-free packages, UPS has long been at the forefront of Nigeria’s parcel delivery services.

3. EMS SpeedPost

Use EMS SpeedPost if you’re looking for fairly priced package delivery services with choices for international delivery and package tracking. EMS offers one of the greatest parcel delivery services in Nigeria, even though many individuals might be hesitant to use it because of its connection to NIPOST.

4. Rowsy International Limited

One of the top courier services in the nation is this Rowsy International Limited. They also provide procurement services, freight forwarding, and logistics.

With Virgin Atlantic and Emirates in particular, Rowsy has been able to forge strong connections that have increased its effectiveness as a courier service.

The business was founded in 2004 and has expanded since then to have a sizable global network in places including London, Dubai, New York, Beijing, and Lagos.

5. Sky Net Worldwide Express Nigeria

Another well-known courier service in Nigeria is Sky Net International Express. The company was founded in the United States of America in 1972 and has expanded to over 1000 strategic offices worldwide.

Their office in Nigeria is run by CFL Global Express Limited and is situated in Oshodi, Lagos.

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6. FedEx

Fedex is Possibly the father of express delivery. They offer their services in 220 different nations.

If you’re a customer in Nigeria, Fed Express can connect you in 1 to 3 business days to any of these locations.

The business is dedicated to supplying environmentally friendly solutions that improve productivity and lower waste and emissions.

While utilizing Fed Express, you can quickly track your package by entering the tracking number. When your package arrives at its destination, proof of delivery will also be given to you.

7. Topship

Topship allows anyone in Nigeria to send and receive things from their doorstep to any location in the world at minimal cost—eliminating the stress associated with shipping.

With Topship, you can purchase goods from US and UK online shops and import them as well as ship them to Nigeria.

Services include Door-to-door delivery, door-to-door shipping, international shipping, local and interstate shipping, express and cargo shipping, and excellent shipment tracking

8. Sendbox

For both personal and business use, Sendbox provides local and international deliveries. You will be charged a delivery cost by Sendbox, which will depend on the route and weight of your shipment.

You may also build a free online store using Sendbox’s business platform (similar to flutterwave), which you can use to sell goods and take payments. The platform provides affordable marketing services for your online store.

Local and international delivery, an integrated payment system, and an e-commerce solution are all provided.

9. MAX (Metro Africa Xpress)

Max labels itself as a bike ride-hailing business in addition to offering a secure delivery service. The goal of MAX is to transform logistics and transportation in Africa.

10. Wemove

Anyone may transport persons or products using a car, all thanks to Wemove. Wemove is essentially a logistics business. Those who need them can get automobiles, buses, and trucks from the company.

11. Kobo360

A notable logistics platform with operations in Africa is Kobo360. Anyone can easily request a truck, have their items picked up, and have them delivered to the desired area using the company’s user-friendly interface.

12. Red Star Express

In Nigeria, Red Star Express PLC offers a variety of absolute logistics. They offer a wide range of services, including freight forwarding, integrated logistics, information and document management solutions, warehousing, e-commerce solutions, and many others, for both domestic and international fast delivery.

13. Tranex Delivery Company

Since 1984, Tranex–which is one of Nigeria’s domestic delivery companies, has provided both local and international shipping.

Tranex is one of only two logistic companies currently listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The business owns a fleet of trucks, buses, motorcycles, and delivery vehicles and fast delivery is their speciality.

Transportation, e-commerce/order fulfilment, air/sea freight, and warehousing are all their services.

14. AB Logistics

One of the least expensive delivery services in Nigeria on this list is AB Logistics. They advertise low-cost door-to-door package delivery. With prices starting at just 800 Naira for a modest package. This courier can be used to send letters, packages, invites, and other items.

Transportation, domestic and international shipping, and warehousing are their services.

15. EMS SpeedPost

Since 1986, EMS, NIPOST’s courier division, has existed. It offers all users speedy delivery and professional parcel handling. It is one of Nigeria’s most reasonably priced nationwide courier services. EMS SpeedPost is a trustworthy and affordable courier service.

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16. GIG Logistics

The majority of logistics services are provided by this well-known delivery and courier business. GIG is present in practically all of the cities in Nigeria. It is simple to transport a product utilizing this company because you can drop by its location in your city to send your box to another Nigerian city.

17. ABC Cargo

ABC Cargo was established in the 1990s and provides people in Nigeria with courier and transportation services. This logistics company’s terminal locations around the country show its reach. Both individuals and businesses can use ABC Cargo.

18. Kxpress Logistics

Kxpress has a well-established delivery network, and the company says that its cutting-edge technology sets it apart from its rivals. The logistics division of Konga is Kxpress.

19. African courier express (ACE)

ACE is a customer-focused delivery service. The business takes great satisfaction in offering excellent customer service, prompt delivery, and safe handling. Leading online shops have joined with ACE to transfer their products throughout Africa economically and reliably.

Both retailers and customers benefit from a flawless customer experience thanks to their technologically enhanced logistical solutions.

All courier requirements can be met by ACE. The business sends out parcels of different sizes and forms.

Written above is The Full List Of Delivery Companies In Nigeria. have you patronised any of them? kindly share your experience in the comments.

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