The Good & Bad News About Your High Traffic But Low RPM / Earning with Adsense

First I’d like to Welcome all of us into the new Year 2015, this is my First post this year and I’ll be using it to talk to us about Online Cash, Adsense to be precise.
From the Beginning of 2014, earnings did very well for some Adsense publishers, especially those blog/website owners with plenty of Traffic… until Late last year, something happened…
It was a Good and Bad News about Adsense upon us, I’ll start from the good news before the Bad, then I’ll round up telling us how we all can get over this Bad News.


Finally after so many years, Adsense began displaying Ads for Opera Mini users, considering the amount of mobile device users who browse our websites via Opera mini, this made me smile in particular, because
1. Whether I am on WordPress or Blogger, I’ll never have to worry myself anymore about A Responsive Theme/Template, the Ads were very responsive by itself, they fully show on Opera mini whether my theme is Responsive or Not.

2. Adsense displaying on Opera Mini Changed the mind of many Blogger platform publishers that wanted to move to WP, people would normally move to WP because everything is customisable there, on WordPress they’d create a Mobile version of their blogs and create a new Ad Unit that supports Mobile display. This Good News saved publishers from all this stress.

#Blogging: The Best Option to Make Money Online

Now…. The BAD NEWS

CTR dropped…. drastically, Just after the Good news, most of my pals who ran Google ads started to freak out, Complaints everywhere and so On… eyes turned red… same publisher loved the Good news began protesting saying they No longer want AdSense to display on Opera Mini….. quite funny isn’t it?

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The Next Question People started asking was…


Low RPM adsense earning

No need to panic, Don’t get upset, Don’t get Confused, it happened to me too, Through out all that time, I watched my Daily Earnings, it was still fine at first, even during the Christmas Holidays, The Low CTR thing didn’t hit me Not until later, towards the End of the Year. It hurt but I didn’t cry as loud, I later moved out and Harvested some Tips from some Adsense experts which I will Briefly Share with All Of Us.

LOW RPM/CTR / EARNINGS – Why you Earned what you Earned on Adsense.

1. RPM – Revenue Per One Thousand 
2. CTR – Click Through Rate

These 2 Terms work together and will help you Understand Why you Earned What you Earned.

Your RPM, which is calculated by Estimated earnings [divided by] Number of page views) X 1000
… and this Estimated earnings is determined by how many Clicks (CTR) you received.

For Example
If your RPM is $5.00, it means you’ll earn an Average of that $5 for every 1,000 Pageviews
Looking at that Amount, you can Calculate that if you get 10,000 Pageviews you’ll earn an estimated $50.
NOTE: This analytics is not 100% accurate, because the amount you earn per click changes all the time.

To keep it Brief…

Here are BASIC Reasons Why Your Adsense RPM / Earnings dropped

Google’s Advertisers: The Amount you earn is Dependent On How much Google’s Advertisers are Spending, hence if they Spend Less, you too will Earn Less, there’s No Magic or trick behind that.

AdSense earnings are often seasonal: Like we may have all Noticed during big holidays & Festive Periods, many Offices go on break, Banks, Stores etc. These business places and firms are major sources of Google’s advertisers, Advertisers that Spend are usually those who do more Services & Product sales during such Seasons, like Online Malls, and few others, if it hit you that your Earnings dropped poor, then it’s because of the season.


a. – You’ll  need to Keep Writing More useful, SEO optimized posts, here’s how to Never Stop Writing & Updating your blog

b. – Use Facebook Ads

c. – Share your posts, Use other methods to Get more visitors. See this Powerful post on how you can get Plenty Traffic for Free.

d. Tweak and change positions of your ads and take note of the performance, this will help you know which placement works best for you.

Option “b.” is the sweet and easiest to go for if you have few dollars to spend on your blog, the whole Solution Boils down to Getting More & More Traffic to your Blog. Once you’re getting more Traffic, more people are visiting and the Clicks will definitely rise as well.

A major Fact we need to be Aware of is, You are not in control of How much the Advertisers are paying to display those ads on your blog, these changes that occur many times is a sign that ADSENSE is never a Basket to put all your Eggs, No doubt they’re Still The best, but we all are encouraged to Diversify and Be Flexible as Much as Possible.

Moreso, I’ll be sharing some of the Best Ones that will Fetch you some cool cash in few days to come. Look out for Affiliate programs, Sponsored reviews and other CPC programs that are Similar to Adsense Programs.

How ever, if you’d like to improve your RPM and CPC, you may visit and use this AdSense Secret we Revealed to improve your earnings.

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Cheers. 😉

  1. Hi , nice article here. You explained everything in details.

    Last year , I was also hit by low RPM and CTR , therefore my CPC also reduced. It's still the same up till now. I just hope earnings pickup by next month when everyone(advertisers) would have settled into the new year.


  2. Yes Kelvin, what you said is what every AdSense publisher prays for, it's not the first time such Low RPM periods had happened, so we are sure things will move to normal or better when the year gets more busy in few months time. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. I'm Currently facing same low adsense revenue on my website …but with the information you posted I will take action to remedy the situation. Thanks

  4. wow.. its really a great post……like hash sangal said… u didnt talk much on how to improve adsense earnings…… i am having issues with my earnings on this tech blog and its getting me worried…….i will also like to be contacting you directly… we can be friends…

  5. We later wrote on how to improve AdSense earnings so I have updated this post with a link to the new post that can solve the low RPM problems. Check towards the end of the article. And thanks for dropping by Ikenna

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