#TheNextHero Will Soon Arrive, Let’s Watch Out!

As we initially published a fresh flash news about something Great which the Infinix Mobility Team is Cooking.
The truth is that All lovers of sleek smart phones are in for an enormous surprise as Infinix Mobility launches the #TheNextHero hashtag across different social media platforms.


However, the company is keeping the details of the event or product very Close to its chest (whatever thing you hear is rumor, Many of us are Not really Sure of what it is!) , but the excitement and expectations are very high due to the strong brand presence that Infinix Mobility has created in the Nigerian market within a few years of entry.

The excitement has reached a fever-pitch online, particularly on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/InfinixMobile, and we must Add that it was all over Twitter too, as the HashTag #TheNextHero hit the number 7th spot Trending topic in the whole of Nigeria on Twitter)/
I even posted the Tweet below later that evening of the day we published the News about Kevlar Tough

#TheNextHero is now trending in Nigeria, ranking 7 on Twitter. See more >>… http://t.co/xnvPwibiBJ

— Ifediri Edi Dominic (@Edi4all) May 4, 2015

 with the users answering questions developed around the various attributes of a “hero”.

In case #TheNextHero is about a new phone launch, the online users have been suggesting different kind of features that they would like to see in the phone.

According to Infinix Mobility Head of Marketing, Peter Zhou, “#TheNextHero is about developing conversation with our community of users, who are key to our business.
We want to feel their pulse and elicit feedback that could be useful as we finalize and reveal the concept behind the #TheNextHero.
Hence, we are still chilling for the final day the whole package will be revealed Live to the World.

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