This is Why Siri May Get Better than Google Now (Voice search actions)

At the WWDC 2016 event, big announcements were made about some sweet updates coming to iOS 10. After watching the Apple announcement of Sirikit, how it’s been made open for developers to tweak it as they please, if you go through the video as an Android user, you may ask yourself same questions as I did, why we don’t have this feature on Android?

Of course we have it, but it’s not open. Google introduced Google Now voice actions API two years ago but this is limited to system voice actions like set alarm, remind me etc (check out the full list here =>

According to a Reddit user for Android threads, in this same time they announced custom voice actions where devs can implement custom action ( ).

API wasn’t open and devs weren’t able to make a request to participate in the program. Today, two years later, API is still not open and if Google doesn’t open it quickly, they may be in a situation where Siri will be more useful than Google now .
People, not just developers want to be able to tell it a specific action to take, without necessarily say “OK Google”

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