Tips to ByPass/Exceed 100MB Daily Bandwidth Limit on PD-Proxy with MTN BIS

PD-proxy with MTN BIS (Blackberry) subscription had been a lasting quality solution for Unlimited browsing and Downloads in my country.
There had been so many reviews that speak well of the PD Proxy VPN app and its quality service.
Just incase you’re hearing of  for the first time, PD-Proxy is a tunneling software that can secure your internet connection by encrypting all your connections to the internet.
You can use it to access blocked websites, it uses industry–standard Virtual Private Networking (VPN) technology to create a secure tunnel between your laptop and the PD-Proxy servers.

Unlimited PdProxy

PD-Proxy is an awesome tunnelling software, as we don’t only use it for Privacy, but can also use it to surf the web with our various Blackberry subscriptions, in my country it could be working Unlimitedly with networks like MTN and Etisalat.

Well that’s the intro, now let’s get down to main purpose of this post.
After Signing up for a new Account on the PD-Proxy site, as we know, we are given 100MB on our Trail Accounts for Just One Day, once you exhaust your 100MB, you get a Pop-up message saying
“100MB daily Bandwidth Limit reached, pls Upgrade to Premium Account”
there’s nothing you can at this point, till the next day PD Proxy reloads all trial accounts with 100MB again.
Meanwhile, heavy downloaders like me and you know 100MB is way too small for our Internet activities, so I’ve come up with few tips on How I Exceeded this Limit of 100MB per day, which you can try too, it works but NOT ALL THE TIME.

To get PD Proxy working on your PC, Get PD Proxy on your PC from the Official website, Subscribe to any MTN BIS plan, you pick any of the following Activation codes with their Prices:

  •  MTN Blackberry BIS Complete Daily – N100 Activation Code.
    Text BBCDAY to 21600
  • MTN Blackberry BIS Complete Weekly, – N500 Activation Code.
    Text BBCWEEK to 21600
  • MTN BlackBerry Complete Monthly, 30 days – N1,000
    Text BBC to 21600

N.B: these SMS activation codes only work for MTN Nigeria.

Exceeding 100MB Daily Bandwidth Limit on PD-Proxy

Tip 1: Get a PD-Proxy Voucher :

Going Premium sets you Free and Unlimited
This is the first thing I’d recommend for you, coz you can’t force it to work again once you’ve used up your 100MB in a day, that’s headache and waste of time, there are various Places to buy Voucher for a Premium Account.
You can check out the PD proxy Resellers Page for List of Authorized sellers and how you can Contact and pay them for your Premium accounts.
At least after buying a voucher, you are rest assured of yourself there won’t be any issues for a service you paid for.

Tip 2: Performing some Unusual activities

Restarting all Connections
Some websites boast of tricks they use for Bypassing the 100MB Limit by doing some changes in the File host/log of the Tunneling App, I haven’t tried this before, but from my observations, these tricks don’t work right now, well maybe they used to.

Here’s How I Exceed Mine: This sure had worked for me a couple of times, Restart your connection when you notice Data Received is getting to 80MB (be sure to always monitor your PD Proxy dashboard so you can know how much data you consume from there), once you notice it’s climbing up to 80MB, disconnect it, Close all connections too from your Modem, wait up to 10 minutes then reconnect everything again, this would automatically tell PD proxy that you are login in to your Account for the first time that day, hence they’ll Reload it with 100MB for you over again.
This trick don’t work all time especially when you hurriedly reconnect, so to increase chances, be patient, give it some time, or you may even Restart your PC.

Tip 3: At pick, Never close Or Interrupt the Connection

This one sure works well, I use it to bypass the 100MB Limit quite alot,
For Full Proof here’s mine, and yes, I’m using a Free (Trial) account.

Exceed 100MB PDproxy

To exceed the 100mb with this method, When you notice you are reaching the limit, perhaps you have used up to 90MB, well, don’t bother disconnecting anymore as we do in Tip 2, just continue Surfing the web, start especially Downloading and Streaming videos, it will help you exceed the Limit.

NOTE: You’ll surely need a stable High speed data connection from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to do this.
Did we find this post helpful in some way? if you have Questions or something to say about PD proxy or similar VPN app, your comments are welcome.

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