Top 10 Cleaning Companies in Nigeria (2023)

In case you didn’t know, the cleaning industry in Nigeria has developed into one that is quite competitive due to the proliferation of new businesses that virtually always employ unique techniques and idiosyncrasies to distinguish them from the competition.

  • So-Kleen Limited

Since its founding in 2005, So-Kleen Ltd has provided expert cleaning, fumigation, and space brightening services. So-Kleen has earned a reputation as one of the best suppliers of home and commercial cleaning products throughout this time.

Their service offerings are created to address the light and heavy dirt management issues that households, individuals, and corporate organizations encounter.

So-Kleen provides a wide range of cleaning services, including washing all surfaces, scrubbing floors and tiles, cleaning windows and glass, waxing and polishing, removing etching and stains, dusting and vacuuming all surfaces, and removing high levels of dust (from pipes, duct work, vents, ceiling, and light fixtures).

This cleaning company has the most modern cleaning equipment to help offer the best results you require, and their team members are highly professional.

  • SqueakyClean Services Limited

Office and residential cleaning, housekeeping and guest house management, post-construction cleaning, floor maintenance and restoration, carpet and upholstery cleaning, fumigation & pest control, recruitment, training, and consultancy are just a few of the services offered by SqueakyClean Services Limited.


They provide proactive cleaning schedules that are customized using modern technologies for industrial, commercial, and domestic cleaning services.

  • De-Cleaners

De-Cleaners has operated as a member of SEJAY Heritage Ventures since 2007. De-Cleaners Consult Pro Nigeria Ltd was created as a result of the company’s unheard-of growth. They are a professional cleaning and maintenance company located in Ajah, Lekki- Lagos, Nigeria. They offer complete hygiene and cleaning solutions, customized to fit any organization’s and individual’s cleaning needs.

  •  Afterlife Cleaning Company

There are several cleaning companies in the area, but Afterlife Cleaning Company stands out. Their pleased customers have ranked them as “a tested and trusted” brand in the Nigerian cleaning industry. A recent survey conducted by a research organization revealed that 73.54% of their consumers come from referrals because they go above and beyond to make sure that every customer is happy. They are dedicated to providing the best services possible by international standards to every one of their clients. They manage your facilities and carry out the necessary tasks, such as cleaning, like your trusted custodian.

  • Cleaneat Integrated Services

A household cleaning company in Lagos called Cleaneat Integrated Services is committed to taking care of your apartment’s cleaning needs as well as keeping it secure and organized. In terms of cleaning homes, offices, and businesses, Cleaneat Services aims to offer unmatched service and value.

The personnel at this organization is highly skilled, well-trained, and capable of providing each client with high-quality work.

They provide services like vacuuming, dusting, wiping all surfaces, floor mopping, cleaning rugs and upholstery, cleaning the bathroom and toilet fixtures, cleaning kitchen appliances, cleaning sinks, ovens, and ceilings, as well as laundry and dry cleaning.

  • Palmacedar Cleaning Limited

A general cleaning firm with style is Palmacedar Cleaning Ltd. This business offers top-notch cleaning services at reasonable prices to customers of all income levels.

In addition to general cleaning, burnishing, floor care, scrubbing, and maintenance, cleaning of building interiors and exteriors, carpet and upholstery care and maintenance, high-pressure cleaning, soda blasting, high-rise window and glass cleaning, fumigation, environmental cleanup, event cleaning, etc., Palmacedar Cleaning Services is always ready and available for its clients at any time.

  •  Lacreme

Lacreme Cleaning Company is a professional cleaning services provider in Nigeria that focuses on business, industrial, and residential cleaning.

Clients may be confident that Lacreme’s professional cleaning services will satisfy the needs of modern society because Lacreme’s office, industrial, residential, and environmental cleaning personnel are trained by the British Institute of Cleaning Sciences.

This company provides moving in/out cleaning services as well as bathroom sanitization, marble restoration, carpet and upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, office cleaning, post-construction cleaning, hydrocarbon cleaning, residential cleaning, and industrial cleaning services.

  • Goshen Cleaners

Goshen Cleaners is a reputable cleaning business with well-equipped facilities and a staff that is both highly qualified and experienced. Goshen has long been regarded as one of the best cleaning service companies in Lagos, providing its customers with high-quality work.

Cleaning companies in Goshen provide janitorial services, high-rise building cleaning, laundry, and dry cleaning services, floor and tile cleaning, wall and ceiling washing, environment fumigation, and more.

  • Uptimum Fumigation and Cleaning Services

Cleaning and janitorial company Uptimum Fumigation and Cleaning Services are situated in Lagos. This business, which was only recently founded, has been steadily growing over time. Every clientele, including commercial, residential, and office clients, are served by their high-quality, reasonably priced cleaning services.

Uptimum offers the following services: janitorial services, high-building cleaning, floor and tile scrubbing, bathroom cleaning, gardening services, post-construction cleaning, floor and tile scrubbing, and cleaning of the ceiling and walls.

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