Top 20 Real Estate Companies in Abuja 2023

If you are looking for a home or apartment or want to invest in real estate, working with genuine and reliable companies should be a priority, as many real estate agents in Abuja tend to be unscrupulous. 

Although the number of unreliable real estate companies in Abuja is limitless, some reliable companies still consider their client’s satisfaction the real deal. These companies are engaged in various activities, including property development, acquisition, management, leasing, and sales. In this article, we will discuss the top 20 real estate companies in Abuja.

Top 20 Real Estate Companies in Abuja 2023

1. Villa Afrika Reality

Villa Afrika is one of the few real estate companies in Abuja with the largest possible real estate portfolio (houses, flats, flats, land, and businesses) in the Nigerian capital. 

With Villa Afrika, you can get properties for sale, rent, or even sell your property to them. The company offers discount investment opportunities in new construction, off-plan properties, distressed properties, bankable housing, commercial real estate, auctions, crowdfunding, and REITs. This means you can easily become the owner of Villa Afrika Reality.

2. Ayeye & Co

Ayeye and Co is the first real estate company in Abuja to make a list. The company has a team of dedicated professionals who understand the real estate market and provide exceptional customer service. 

Ayeye and Co have been working with big Nigerian companies like Access Bank, Firstbank, Amcon, and many more for a long time. 

This company allows you to easily access beautiful, affordable houses and apartments in different parts of Abuja. The company also offers property management services and other real estate services.

3. Boing Luxury Estates

Boing Luxury Estates has over eight years of experience in the real estate sector and is another fast-growing company in Abuja that has completed several projects in fast-growing areas of the state. 

The company has a team of professionals dedicated to offering cutting-edge residential and real estate solutions to individuals, groups, and corporate entities in various states of Nigeria. 

Boing Luxury Estates can also be considered a real estate investment company in Abuja as it strives to improve the status quo by creating real estate investment solutions, offering unwavering support, and providing transparent access to real estate investors, enthusiasts, and newbies.

4. Toyin Ilori Consulting

Toyin Ilori Consulting is one of the real estate companies in Abuja that offers basic real estate services. They are involved in buying, selling, and renting properties in various locations in Abuja. 

This company helps clients find the best homes for sale and provides information on market trends, open homes, and existing homes. 

5. Deep Spring Facilities

Deep Spring Facilities, a real estate company based in Abuja, offers real estate across Nigeria. The company offers affordable homes, apartments, land for sale and rent, property management, and real estate consulting services. 

This company’s website regularly has many real estate listings every day. If you are looking for a place to stay in Abuja, these deserve your attention.

6. Integax Jubilation Homes

Working with leading architects, engineers, and other respected professionals, the company is committed to providing living solutions to residents of Abuja and beyond. 

They are also known as one of the best real estate agencies in Abuja as they provide quality site planning, cost estimation, construction, renovation, project management, and alterations to clients who require medium to large real estate and construction services. 

Whether residential/office buildings, large housing developments, public works, etc. Integax maintains a high level of service in the Nigerian real estate development and construction market.

7. Onward Properties

With many years of experience in the real estate market, Onward Properties is a trusted company in Abuja, committed to providing superior services in property development, property management, land management, and property sales and rentals across Abuja.

8. Home Solutions and Luxury Apartments

Home Solutions and Luxury Apartments Limited, a subsidiary of AESE Global Services Limited offering real estate, land, real estate, and related real estate services, is one of Abuja’s fastest-growing companies that are highly trusted and always prioritizes customer satisfaction. Excellent services. 

The company has access to large properties in Abuja and offers them at affordable prices. These include residential buildings, apartments, lands, and commercial areas.

9. Arinze Onuegbu & Co

Arinze Onuegbu and Co is another reliable real estate company in Abuja that offers a wide range of real estate services, including development and construction. They are a good choice for investors looking to get into real estate in Abuja.

10. Norris Greene & Associates

If you are looking for real estate companies in Abuja that offer real estate consulting services, real estate survey services, and real estate services,  Norris Greene and Associates is one of the best. 

This company enables you to get cheap accommodation anywhere in Abuja, whether for living or investment. You can choose from a wide range of properties with the best deals.

11. Winners Properties Nig Ltd

Winner real estate is a fast-growing company in Abuja offering, one of the most dominant residential and commercial real estate service companies offering homes and apartments for sale, rent, lease, sale, property management, and surveyors.

12. Nellyani Homes

Nellyani Homes is one of the best real estate companies in Abuja, offering almost all real estate services, including property rental, property sale, property development, consultancy and brokerage, feasibility and profitability assessment, property management, and renovation. 

If you are looking for real estate, the company has a dedicated team of professionals to help you find the perfect properties. As an investor, Nellyani Homes can help you sell the property and find tenants for the house.

13. Hallyx Consult Nigeria Limited

Hallyx Consult is an Abuja-based real estate company offering quality housing, art, and services, focusing on creating the best antiques for its investors and patrons. 

This company specializes in efficient and affordable housing. They also offer portfolio management for large, medium, and small residential properties. 

Real Estate and Retail Real Estate has a deep understanding of the real estate market and aims to provide investors with above-average returns, as they are one of the best real estate investment companies in Abuja.

14. Mike Dike Providence Ventures Limited

Mike Dike Providence Ventures Limited is an Abuja-based real estate company specializing in marketing duplexes, bungalows, land, and property rental/lease management. 

This company has many affordable properties in many areas of Abuja. Whether you are looking for office space or a home/apartment, Mike Dike Province Ventures has what you need.

15. Estate Code Nigeria Limited

Estate Code Nig Ltd is another real estate company based in Abuja that can handle all your real estate needs, from buying, selling, and property management to property development. The company provides people with dream houses in Lagos, Abuja, and other important parts of the country.

16. Landpreneurs Limited

Landpreneurs Limited uses its extensive knowledge of the real estate market and the variety of properties they manage to provide the best possible service in buying, renting, or selling real estate in Abuja and other parts of Nigeria.

17. Ipent Estates

With over seven years of experience, Ipent Estates Limited is one of the best real estate developers in Abuja, offering construction, development, rental, and sale of properties. 

This company aims to provide affordable new construction housing to the fast-growing communities of Abuja.

18. Excellent Real Estate Properties

Established in 2012, Excellent Real Estate Properties is an Abuja-based real estate company that provides professional brokers specializing in residential and commercial property listings, rentals, and sales. 

As the name suggests, the company has a strong reputation in the Abuja real estate market and regularly offers several affordable properties.

19. El Cannan Consultants

El Cannan is worth considering if you are looking for affordable middle-class properties in Abuja. The company has over ten years of experience in the real estate sector, mainly in Abuja, in the real estate brokerage, development, and management for residents and investors. 

You can get almost any property at an affordable price from Al Kinan Consulting for buildings, apartments, commercial properties, and even land.

 20. Neostruct Bliss Home

Neostruct bliss is a commercial real estate agency in Abuja that specializes in renting and selling properties in the Federal Capital Territory to potential clients worldwide. 

They offer a variety of accommodation options throughout Abuja. Their properties are often sold at reasonable prices.


If you’re looking for a house or apartment to move into, it’s best to work with the best real estate agent if you want the best deal. Knowing the best real estate investment companies if you want to invest in real estate is also helpful. This article brings you the top 20  real estate companies in Abuja in 2023.

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