Top Delivery Companies in Nigeria (2023)

 Delivery Company:

Any person or organization that the Owner, the Manufacturer, or a representative of either the Owner or the Manufacturer has hired to transport a vessel from one place to another is referred to as the Delivery Company.

13 Best Delivery Companies in Nigeria 2023

The number of people buying and selling has significantly grown thanks to the internet.It is more crucial than ever to transport goods quickly and efficiently across cities and countries. In Nigeria, there is more competition among delivery services. Nigerian logistics are being rocked by technology. Finding reputable delivery firms in Nigeria can be difficult, though, given all the innovations and disruptions that have occurred. Smaller competitors, among the more well-known e-commerce players like Jumia and Konga, are entering the industry as the volume of e-commerce transactions in Nigeria keeps growing. Most of these tiny players sell their goods through social media platforms.

Nigeria has a poor infrastructure, making it difficult and expensive to carry commodities across the country. We showcase some of the top delivery services in this post, emphasizing their security, effectiveness, tracking, customisation, and first-rate user experiences. The more well-known delivery services like UPS, DHL, and FedEx are not mentioned. You can utilize the best delivery services in Nigeria from the list provided below to ship goods both domestically and abroad.

List of Top Delivery Companies in Nigeria

The following is a list of the top delivery services in Nigeria for moving goods between locations:

  1. Topship

Topship lets everyone in Nigeria ship less stressfully by enabling them to send and receive things at cheap prices from their doorstep to any location in the world. In Nigeria and throughout Africa, this is one of the most well-known delivery services, and demand is rising.

 Topship provides same-day delivery in Lagos, Ibadan, and Abuja in addition to local and interstate shipping inside Nigeria. Everyone can export because this delivery company provides international shipping from Nigeria to more than 200 locations across the world. 

By placing orders with US and UK online retailers and having the goods delivered to Nigeria, you can import packages and other commodities through Topship.

  • Website:
  • Contact: 0908 077 7728 
  • Email:
  • Location: 25b Bisola Durosinmi Etti Dr, Lekki Phase I 106104, Lekki
  • Services: Local & Interstate delivery, International shipping, e-Commerce shopping delivery, Door-to-door delivery, Express & Cargo delivery, and Excellent Shipment tracking

2. Sendbox

Sendbox provides local and international delivery for both private and commercial purposes. Depending on the route and weight of your product, Sendbox will charge you a delivery fee.

Sendbox also includes a business platform that enables you to set up a no-cost online store (similar to flutter wave) where you can sell goods and take payments. Sendbox for Business charges 2.5% of the total price of any item sold there for sales made through the site. Also, the platform provides reasonably priced marketing services for your online store.

Sign up with Sendbox here to begin shipping and receiving deliveries on schedule.

  • Website:
  • Contact: 01 700 6150
  • Location: 62 Old Yaba Rd, Alagomeji-Yaba 100001, Lagos
  • Services: Local & International delivery, Integrated payment service, e-Commerce solution.

3. MAX (Metro Africa Xpress)

In addition to offering a secure delivery service, Max describes itself as a bike-hailing business. The goal of MAX is to transform African logistics and transportation by focusing on last-mile mobility.

  • Website:
  • Contact: 070062936864
  • Location: 25b Bisola Durosinmi Etti Dr, Lekki Phase I, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Services: Bike delivery dispatch
  • Delivery Fees: ₦65/KM (A minimum delivery fee of ₦650). They also charge a fee of 1.5% for cash collections above N12000 and N200 for collections below N12000.
  • Pay on Delivery: Yes

4. Wemove

Anyone can use a vehicle to transport items or persons with Wemove. Wemove is primarily a haulage business. To those in need, the company provides automobiles, buses, and trucks.

  • Website:
  • Contact: +234 (0) 808 651 4565,
  • Location: 78 Bode Thomas, Surulere, Lagos.Services: Haulage

5. Kobo3

Leading African logistics company Kobo360 is based there. Anyone may request a truck via the company’s seamless platform, have their items picked up, and have them delivered to the desired destination.

  • Website:
  • Contact: +234 818 678 0000
  • Location: 22 Ikorodu Rd, Jibowu 100252, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Services: Cargo Delivery(Haulage)

6. Red Star Express

A variety of absolute logistics are provided in Nigeria by Red Star Express PLC. Freight forwarding, integrated logistics, information and document management solutions, warehousing, e-commerce solutions, and many other services are included in their range of domestic and international express delivery services. Use Red Star Express to initiate shipping and speedy delivery right away.

  • Website:
  • Contact: 07007337827
  • Location: 70, International Airport Road, Lagos.
  • Services: Freight Forwarding, Integrated Logistics Solutions, Information and Document Management Solutions, Warehousing. Packaging Services, Food Delivery, Agriculture Logistics, and E-Commerce Solutions.

7. Tranex Delivery Company

Since 1984, Tranex, a local delivery company in Nigeria, has provided both domestic and international shipping.

Only two logistic companies are now listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, and one of them is Tranex. The company’s fleet of trucks, buses, motorcycles, and delivery vans. Assure the timely delivery of clients’ shipments.

  • Website:
  • Contact: +234 8123682573
  • Location: 28, Oshodi Apapa Expressway, Oshodi Lagos.
  • Services: Haulage, E-commerce/Order fulfilment, Air/Sea freight and Warehousing.

8. AB Logistics

On this list, one of the least expensive delivery services from Nigeria is AB Logistics. They assert that they provide affordable door-to-door package delivery. At reasonable prices, beginning at 800 Naira for a modest package. This courier can be used to send invites, packages, and other items.

  • Website:
  • Contact: +234 704 614 5125
  • Location: 53 Muritala Muhammed Airport Road, Ikeja, Nigeria
  • Services: Haulage, Local & International shipping and Warehousing.

9. EMS SpeedPost

Since 1986, EMS has operated as the courier division of NIPOST. For all users, it offers speedy delivery and proficient package processing. With a countrywide service, it is one of Nigeria’s most reasonably priced courier services. The courier service EMS SpeedPost is affordable, dependable, and trustworthy.

  • Website:
  • Contact: +234-9087100300, +234-9087100301
  • Services: Speedpost, Airpost express service, Intra-city delivery service.
  • Delivery time: 1-2 days for domestic items and 2-3 days for international items

10. GIG Logistics

Most logistical services are provided by this well-known delivery and courier organization. In practically every metropolis in Nigeria, GIG is present. By visiting the company’s office in your city to ship your parcel to a different Nigerian city, it is simple to ship something utilizing this company.

  • Website:
  • Contact:  08139851120,  08170000021
  • Location:  Wole Ariyo Street, Lekki Phase 1 Lagos.
  • Services: Ecommerce Logistics services, Domestic Courier services and International courier solutions
  • Pay on Delivery: Yes

11. ABC Cargo

ABC Cargo is a Nigerian company that was established in the 1990s that provides courier and transportation services. The nationwide terminal points of this logistics organization demonstrate its scope. Both private citizens and commercial entities can use ABC Cargo.

  • Website:
  • Contact:  0813 986 2090
  • Location:  2C, Ikorodu Road Fadeyi, Lagos State.
  • Services: Ecommerce Logistics services, Haulage and Charter Services.

12. Kxpress Logistics

Kxpress has a distribution network with a solid track record, and the business says that its cutting-edge technology sets it different from its rivals. Their logistics division is called Kxpress.

  • Website:
  • Contact:  0909 2996 010
  • Services: Nation-wide delivery, Reverse logistics and return
  • Pay on Delivery: Yes

13. African courier express (ACE)

A delivery service that prioritizes customers is ACE. The business takes pride in its ability to provide excellent client service, quick deliveries, and safe handling. To transfer their packages across Africa inexpensively and with reliability, major e-commerce merchants have joined with ACE.

They offer seamless customer experiences for both merchants and customers with their technology-enabled logistical solutions.

All courier needs are met by ACE. Packages of all sizes and shapes are delivered by the business.

  • Website:
  • Contact:
  • Services: Nation-wide delivery, Reverse logistics and return
  • Pay on Delivery: Yes

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