Top Smartphone Trends Coming in 2018

The latest trends and forecast in Smartphones like Android, Apple’s iOS and others coming 2018 – What to expect and all you need to know.
Technology has taken over the world and every day we encounter different products and devices that are made for our ease and comfort in our daily routines.
Moreso, smartphones are something that are trending from the day they got launched and till date the trend is growing and growing.

Every year a new range of trends and features are launched in the field of technology. Many new smartphones try to come up with a range of innovations and the new features also determine the price of the smartphones. The innovations and new trends have managed to make smartphones an inseparable part of our lives. Just with the help of a single click we can manage to complete our daily activities

However, New Year means new trends, therefore let’s just highlight the top trends that might be launched in 2018. Some of the most important ones are:

Google Pixel 2


  • The first trend is of m-commerce. It is going to become a new standard of shopping and buying products online with the help of mobile applications. Mobile payments would be cheap and safe, and they can act as a best alternative to the existing traditional methods of payment. Technologies like mobile e-wallets etc. might be launched to help achieve this new standard of shopping.



  • Moreover, one can expect a further expansion in the cloud driven mobile apps. Cloud applications means that the mobile applications will be able to access and retrieve the data from the cloud. Cloud driven mobile applications mean that the data will take less space in the internal memory of the smartphone. Most of the data will be stored in the cloud applications. Hence one should expect a launch of server less computing or application that will have a significant impact on the mobile application development



  • Another feature that one can find in different cell phone is that if gesture control. Gesture control trend will ensure the smartphones to track facial or body movements for different inputs. The smartphones might be controlled with the help of gestures. Also, the gesture control involves the finger print lock of the phones. People are currently preferring those smartphones that open up with their fingers only and that seriously is one impressive feature.



  • The pixels of the camera that smartphones offer to its users can increase up to 20 megapixels. Moreover, the performance of the cameras will also improve. Everyone loves to have a smartphone which has great camera quality because it is the age of selfies so why not! Also, people might witness a better image stabilization, optical zooming, accurate autofocus etc.


  • Moreover, the integration of payments with our device is likely to take place. The financial processing can be done by phone companies rather than with the help of banks. This is a true depiction of the growth in our technology, the innovation with which it comes with is also outstanding.



  • People who have Apple devices can expect their Siri to answer health related problems. Apple is planning to develop a health care operator in their devices like the Apple Smart Watch, which can help people treat their health problems.



  • Earlier, the only thing that mattered in a phone was that it was strong enough to survive a fall or other damage but 2018 brings a lot of different and impressive things with it, waterproof smartphones will become an entry requirement, which means that whoever is planning to launch a new device in 2018 need to ensure that the device is waterproof.


  • One of the worst fears of a smartphone user is the low battery sign and our usage of cellphones has increased to such a level that we all now need a smartphone that can last for hours. Well, don’t worry because the battery power of the upcoming smartphones will be better than before and with time people will witness a significant improvement in the battery life of devices.

All the above trends are expected to be launched in 2018. Let’s see how many of them are actually launched in 2018. Grab the smartphone that offers maximum number of new features as they will be worth the money that you are planning to spend on getting a new smartphone. Let’s wait for 2018 to begin.
Stay connected and keep reading because we’ve got a lot more to talk on the new trends and features in the world of smartphones. Till then, keep sharing and keep loving our blogs.

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