Tracking your Blog Traffic with Google Analytics

It’s no news, Google Analytics is the Best Free Platform for detailed Statistics on what is going on in your blog, we are used to the Stats tool for checking traffic in our Blogger Dashboard, still, using Google Analytics is the best report that will give you an Exact and true traffic health of any website, millions of Webmasters have taken advantage making use of this tool, likewise Bloggers like me and you are now joining them.

Google analytics answers so many questions like:

*How many people are visiting,

*What exactly are they viewing on your blog

* How Much Pageviews and Bounce Rates your blog pages or website is getting.

*How much Unique visitors are coming in

*How much time are your visitors spending on your blog/website

*Where are your Visitors from?

*what keywords (queries) were they searching for that led them to your blog

All these and many more are what Google Analytics provides you, they do give you the current infos right on the second.

Are you on Blogger Platform, Do you want to know how to own and use this Analysis tool? Would you like to Track your blog traffic to know exactly how well it is REALLY doing?

1. Sign in to your Google Analytics Account

Once you’re Signed, on the first page add your properties ‘website details’ (Name and URL) then you will get will a menu that contains your Google Analytics Web Property ID shown as UA-xxxxxxxx-xx 

2. Now Copy your web ID Property code.

3. Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Click Settings >> OTHER >> on the Blog you want to track

4. Scroll Down to where you find Google Analytics Web Property ID, see it? Now Paste your property ID there and hit Save settings.

Now you’re all set.

It should take a minimum of 24 hours to see changes in your Google Analytics dashboard as long as you are getting traffic, it will all be displayed for you to Track right there.

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