TRUEMESSENGER – The End of Unwanted/Spam SMS from MTN, GLO & Others on your Phone

That awkward moment you’re expecting a credit Alert, finally the message arrives only for you to realise its an SMS from Isaiah65v8.

Since the extravagant growth of phone usage and Bulk SMS advertising, people had been looking for How to Block or Stop those Unwanted/Spam SMS that enters their phones every day, it was way too much to an unbearable extent that some friends even called Customer Care, they recommended to Send a Command, i.e reply STOP to the number to quit them from sending the messages, all that never worked, the unwanted SMS keeps coming.

There’s no way to put all the useless SMS in control until TRUEMESSENGER was launched around last month, although it wasn’t Available in Nigeria at first, but it is Now.

With the TRUEMESSENGER (Install here) on your Android phone, you can simply MARK sms Senders who are Spam.


Upon installation, Go to your Messenger Settings and Set TrueMessenger as your Default SMS App, you can also set it to Notify you when you get a Spam SMS or Put Spam Sender on Mute so you’ll never feel disturbed to check your phone only to find an annoying SMS asking you to Text Mumu to 55501.

TrueMessenger puts all that to an End!

See some Screenshots of TrueMessenger working on my Android phone.

I am Definitely gonna mark this one as Spam

See them! See Isaiah65v8?
… Spam, Spam!! Spam!!!


Now See My Inbox, Spam column has been totally separated, very neat huh?

And just like the TRUE CALLER App, with your Internet connection Enabled, TrueMessenger will reveal the Name of a person who Texted you for the time on that Device, just in case the number doesn’t already exist in your contacts.

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