Unlock / Flash Huawei Modem E1550 and Others with 0 Unlock attempts left

Since inception of Unlocking Modems, truth is Not all modem Models had been successfully unlocked, unless you go buy DC Credits, and this is usually the last option after you have tried so many Methods and unlocker softwares for your various Modems by Flashing, unlock codes, etc.

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The use of Unlock Codes are quite Simple But Terrible too if all Codes you entered were Wrong And if the Codes have been Entered 10 Times which is the maximum count allowed to unlock a Modem, hence Permanently Locking the Mode, like the one I received to unlock.

I’ll be showing us how to Unlock a permanently Locked HUAWEI Modem even after you exhausted all 10 Attempts with 0 Attempt left.
Worked perfectly on Huawei model E1550, even if your Model may be a Latest Model, try this to Unlock it now.


 – DC-Unlocker client >> DOWNLOAD HERE

Huawei Modem Unlocker , (any 2012 version would Do But I used V5.8.1) >> DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Now, DC Unlocker could not do the work, unless I probably buy DC credits, so I combined those 2 softwares. Read on.

After installing Both Softwares,
Plug in your Huawei Modem with a foreign SIM inserted in it.

Launch DC Unlocker, and because it refused to unlock the modem we’ll just use it to Detect the Correct COM- PORT of where your Modem was Plugged.
Take Note of the first Port Application, that’s the right COM PORT number, mine was COM9, yours could be different.

Your Modem should remain plugged into your Computer,

Now Open the HUAWEI Modem Unlocker.
1. I tried Auto Connection the first time and severally but it Failed, so use MANUAL CONNECTION

2. Tick Auto-Calc code and Auto Unlock Modem
Note that we left the SERVICE Options Blank. Just Leave it you don’t have to touch anything there

3. Enter the IMEI number of the modem, you can always find that printed somewhere in dogle or use the DC Unlocker to Search and Auto Detect, it will bring out the IMEI with other Info about the modem in its Dialog box, copy and paste the 15 digits.

4. Click Calculate.

5. Click UNLOCK

Seconds later,

Success writing NCK Code to modem
Foreign SIM in Modem Accepted, modem permanently UNLOCKED!

I had always been using DC unlocker but where DC unlocker failed this Huawei Unlocker worked for me for the First time despite the modem has 0 Attempts left and was Permanently Locked.

There are many ways and combinations we can experiment to unlock modems, this one I used worked just fine, hope it works for you too. Any Questions or additions? Tell us in the comment box.

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