Ways To Zip and UnZip Files with Your Mobile

Unlike some mobile phones users, PC users have been opportuned to Zip and Unzip their files using softwares that had been pre-installed in their systems.

     A few days back, a friend was showing me some pictures which he had to upload to a file -sharing website, they were all in .jpeg format, most sites would display .jpeg, .png.or jpg files (images) without you download it but he didn’t want the site users to see what was in this .jpeg files except the users downloaded it, now, the solution to making this happen for my friend was to ZIP the file.

Another case I used to encounter months back was how to Upload Java Applications which were usually .jar formats directly from my Mobile phone. Still, the solution was to ZIP it.
Till date, few of us still have problems Zipping or Unzipping Files with our mobile, so I thought this post would be of help in some little way to somebody out there.

How To Zip and UnZip Files

There are various File Editors that can zip and Unzip Files on mobile,
For J2ME (s40 Java) phone users, I Recommend you use

After downloading, installing and opening this Application,
Use it to find the File > when you find it > Press Menu, you will find options telling you to Compress as Zip (if you want to Zip it) Or Unzip the file if that’s what you want to do.

For Symbian mobile users, I recommend you use

Though new Symbian phones come with the GZipman utility that helps you unzip files, this Application seems to be the best and most used editing software for Symbian users, it does a whole lot more than just Zipping and Unzipping files.
To zip your Files with Xplore, Go to where the File is located in the list,
press Menu > Scroll down to Zip > Copy to zip (if you want to keep the Original)
OR > Move To Zip (if you want to Zip the Original file without leaving a copy of it)

How To UnZip and Install .jar File formats

I will be using Blue FTP as an instance for doing this, let’s assume you downloaded a .jar file format that had been Zipped, all you need do is open the Blue FTP, locate the file in your phone Directory and keep Unzipping each folder you see in the Zipped content until you find something like a file name ending with ( _jar )

*Press Menu Or Press 1 (Copy)

*Go to another directory where you want it to be and Click Extract Here (Or Press 3)

*After the extraction, close the Blue FTP. From your phone directory, Locate the file you just extracted with the Blue FTP , Rename the file from xxxxx_jar to xxxx.jar Press Enter, the jar file should now be ready for Installation. That’s all

You only need to replace the Underscore ( _ ) sign with a dot sign ( . ) meaning you rename it by replacing _jar with .jar
for example: ae3dedm_jar
is replaced with: ae3dedm.jar ( Ensure there are NO spaces between the characters)

Extra Tip:
If You use Opera Mini Browser or any other and you want to download a .jar file directly in the Opera without the Opera Launching your Default mobile browser.
Go to > Online Zip converter
The site generally converts almost all file types to Zip, simply paste the download URL of file, or Upload it directly and Click Convert file to convert it to .zip format.
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