Why You are seeing Traffic Referrals from Blackhatworld and Motherboard.Vice.com on Google Analytics

So recently, I started getting and seeing strange referral traffic from Blackhatworld and Vice.Motherborad.com and it’s been going on for the past 5 days. When I looked into my Google Analytics. Going further to investigate, I wanted to know the particular page’s URL that was referring that traffic on my Analytics, I clicked – Real Time >> Content and found this URL –
motherboard.vice.com and now, blackhatworld
Still I went further and picked up the second URL –

Someone Spammed Google Analytics, a Russian man precisely…

Upon visiting that URL, I realised from thread that I am not alone, millions of other web masters viewing their Google Analytics are seeing the same thing, someone had spammed Google Analytics, a Russian to be precise and funny he was doing it to show his support for Donald Trump.

The alleged Motherboard spam. It’s not us. Image: Paul Anthony / Twitter

Although last month, As Analytics Edge reported in November, websites have noticed referrals from lifehacĸer.com and ɢoogle.com. Check those URLs again; they are not the real Lifehacker or Google domains.

To be clear, this is not anything that VICE or Motherboard is doing. Instead, someone is including a link to the article in their own Google Analytics spam, and seems they had even added Black hat’s article to the spam sites.
The likely explanation is Google’s “Measurement Protocol,” which allows developers to send data directly to Google Analytics servers. It looks like the traffic is coming from Motherboard, but, in reality, it’s not.

Why did He do this?

As you have read in the headline above, it was to support Donald Trump, the Google analytics Spammer wanted the loads of traffic and wanted all the fame and glory on his own Name, his name is VITALY POPOV, we also found out he wanted revenge on Google for blocking his AdSense account some years back.

We had learnt that this is a temporary issue as Google Spam team is looking into it already.

Although there are controversies surrounding his name due to the fact that someone had bought a domain bearing the spammer’s name – vitalypopov.com
The man promised to direct the domain where ever the Spammer wants if Only he agrees to stop Spamming Google Analytics.
At the moment of publishing this post, the domain is only redirecting to UrbanDictionary’s page that is carrying description of A**Hole.

  1. Please, pertaining this blackhart and Moderboard analytics traffic sources.. And truly it has been a pain in the neck these few days seeing those sources of traffic… So what is ur take, or are there any measures u have personally implemented?

  2. Edwin, good questions there.You have nothing to worry about. Google team will handle the situation and make it disappear overtime. Meanwhile, the strange referrals has no negative impact on your Analytics or other stuffs you use on your websites.

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